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Fines For Driving Without License

Every driver of a vehicle must hold a valid license to drive a vehicle in India. The license is issued by the Regional Transport Authority Office. Driving without a license is among the major traffic violations.

How To Obtain A Driving License?

Anyone interested to acquire a driving license must enrol in a driving training establishment and take lessons from an authorized trainer in a vehicle of his choice. In order to train as a driver, you must get a Learner’s License from the Regional Transport Office before commencing with your lessons.

After completing the driving training course, you will be required to appear for a test, before the officer of the Regional Transport Office. This test includes both practical and theoretical aspects which the prospective must be able clear.

The practical test is the actual test of driving that the candidate needs to undertake. The theoretical test is the test of your knowledge of the traffic rules and traffic signs on the road. Once you pass these tests you will get a driving license from the Regional Transport Office.

Different Types Of Driving Licenses

There are different categories of driving licenses which are based on the different types and categories of vehicles. Trucks, cars and two-wheelers etc. have different types of licenses.

Period Of Validity

A driving license is issued for a definite period. For cars, etc. the validity of the license will be for 20 years with a grace period of 30 days for renewal. For commercial vehicles, the validity of the license will be for 3 years only.

The holder of any driving license will have to renew the license before the expiry date to be able to keep on driving on the Indian roads.

Drive Only If You Have A Valid License

Once you hold a valid license through the procedure stated above, you are ready to drive the vehicle of your choice on any Indian road.

Many Do Not Follow This Procedure

There are many who do not follow this procedure but learn driving from a relative or driver by using their family car or two-wheeler. Many learning driving in this way often never bother to acquire a learner’s license which by itself is an offence too.

Driving A Vehicle Without A License Is Illegal

Driving a vehicle without a license in India is a gross traffic violation. This traffic violation will immediately attract a fine for driving without license. Anyone driving with a license that has expired is also indulging in an illegal act.


The penalty for driving without a license has been increased ten folds from a mere ₹500 to ₹5000.

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Penalty for Driving Without licence

Under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the fine for driving without licence was ₹. 500. Thus, the no licence fine was never a proper deterrent for traffic violations. Even if any driver was caught by the police for driving without a licence, that driver promptly paid the without licence fine and escaped scot-free.

Difficult to Enforce Traffic Violations

It was very difficult for the police to enforce errant drive₹ driving without a licence, to make them secure a proper licence.

Changes in The Motor Vehicles Act

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of the Government of India realized the gravity of the problem of enforcing traffic laws on Indian roads. They designed changes in the existing provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. Such changes were made to effectively curb the traffic violations on the Indian roads.

Also, to strengthen the hands of the law enforcing authorities like the city or the district police officials, amendments in the fine structure was due for a very long time.

New Traffic Rules Becomes Effective

From September 2019, the amended Motor Vehicles Act became effective. At present, the penalty for driving without a licence is ₹. 5000. Every time a driver is caught by the police for driving without a licence, he or she will be liable to pay this penalty.

Forward Action

With the new traffic laws in place from 2019, the law enforcing authorities expect that, the traffic violations will come down sharply.

The penalty for driving without a licence has been increased ten folds from a mere ₹. 500 to ₹. 5000. The drive₹ driving without a licence should feel the pinch of the punishment and will be forced to change their attitude.

These new traffic rules should also generate awareness of the dange₹ of driving without a licence to the drive₹.

Follow the Law

Accidents on the Indian roads are considered to be very high when compared with other countries.  Following the new traffic rules will mean fewer traffic violations. This, in turn, will save many lives. Every life is important to the country. So, follow the law to be safe and save a life.

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