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Mumbai To Goa Road Trip: Routes, Stopovers, Best Time to Visit

Best Time To Visit

Generally speaking, December and January are the best and the busiest times to visit Goa. Goa shines in a different light filled with the hustle bustle of locals and tourists. If you are planning to visit Goa during these months, be sure to plan ahead and book in advance. If you are the kind of person who prefers solitude, you may want to hit the road between February and June or October and November. Goa is the cheapest during the monsoons so that could also be an option.

Places To Eat In Goa

Goan cuisine is one of the best fusion cuisines I have encountered. The perfect blend of chilies, coconut, rice, and other spices are mouthwatering. There is a famous saying in Konkan “Prodham Bhookt, magi mookt” which roughly translates to “You cannot think wisely until you are well fed”. Some of the famous places where you can get local delicacies are Starlight which serves a delectable Fish Thali. It is also recommended to eat at Laxmi Family restaurant for a filling experience. Crab curry and grilled crabs with some local authentic spices.


Goa is about 600 kilometers from Mumbai and it takes about 11 hours to reach if you drive without stopping.

The route:

From Mumbai, take the Mumbai Pune Highway. Once you have exited that highway, continue with the Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway for another 500 kilometers. Continue with NH48, AH47, NH748 to Khanapur. The entire route looks like

Mumbai--Lonavala--Kapurhol--Khandala--Satara--Kasegaon--Kagal--Belgaum-Akheti--Codli--Bandoli, Goa.

What to Eat and Stopovers

The journey from Mumbai to Goa offers multiple places to fulfil your quest for hunger and gives you ample opportunities to enjoy nature and even take a night break if needed.

Indian and continental food is available at multiple restaurants and dhabas on the way. You will never be far away from an eatery. Here are a couple of good, well-known places to have a bite.

Namaskar Hotel at Malkapur and Dhabas at Satara are also very famous.

There are many famous stopovers which you should experience.

Malavli Hills: A wonderful place to halt and experience some of nature’s best scenes. It is a slight detour (about 5 - 10 minutes) but is totally worth it.

Pashan Lake, Pune: A perfect spot for a small picnic. This is one of the most visited places in Pune and will serve perfectly for a break.

Reaching there and places to visit

One of the first things which come to mind when we think about Goa is Beaches. And rightfully so. Goa is very well known for its beaches but there are other attractions as well which deserve your visit. Some of the most visited places in Goa include:

Baga Beach: Full to the brim with multiple activities, Baga beach is one of the most famous. If you are bored of sitting near the water, get in and enjoy some water sports which are offered here. They include jet skiing, parasailing, banana ride and many more.

Grand Island: While you will find some activities somewhere, Grand Island is the culmination of all. Activities such as diving and even fishing are done here. The “Suzy” wreck and the “Davy Jones Locker” are two places which are especially popular. Divers love these sites. What better than to end the day by eating what you have caught while fishing.

Aguada Fort: This ancient fort has been standing through ages and has seen the test of times. It was built in 1612 and still stands strong. The architecture gives a good glimpse of the Portuguese style of built and boasts some amazing views of goa.

Bom Jesus Basilica: This central landmark is one of the most important places to visit in Goa. Here, the incorrupt body of St Francis Xavier is kept. There is also a gallery of modern art in the Basilica.

Club Cubana: “Nightclub in the Sky” as it is well known as, is located in a remote location in North Goa.  It is on the top of Arpora Hill. One of the great attractions for party people, you might be able to find your rhythm here. Although a nightclub, it has some restrictions. It is open only from October to April. It usually caters to couples. Stag entries are not preferred. Ladies, on the other hand, are most welcome.

Flea Markets: Goa has some famous flea markets. A couple of them include the Wednesday afternoon Anjuna market and the Saturday night market. These are great places to shop and test your bargaining skills.

Dona Paula: This former village is now a tourist destination. The National Institute of Oceanography is located here.

Sunburn Festival: It has a mix of some of the best artists perform of some great food and amazing ambience.

Casino: This unique casino is located on a yacht in River Mandovi. You will be thrilled by the games and the environment. Most of the international games can be found here.


When travelling by bike, make sure you and the pillion wear a helmet, at all times. Also, wear proper protection while riding such as knee and elbow pads.

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Points To Note While Planning A Trip (Bike/Car)

If you are the kind of person who prefers solitude, you may want to hit the road between February and June or October and November. Goa is the cheapest during the monsoons so that could also be an option. If you are travelling by car, make sure your car is properly serviced. Another point to consider is to keep a copy of the route with you, in case weak internet connectivity renders you without an online map.

When travelling by bike, make sure you and the pillion wear a helmet, at all times. Also, wear proper protection while riding such as knee and elbow pads.

Charge your mobile phones properly and get a good night sleep before the journey. Keep your tire pressure optimum and make sure your stepney is fine. A handy thing to know would be how to fix small car problems such as punctures and an overheated engine.

Diesel/Petrol Pumps

As most of your road journey is on major highways, there is no problem with fuel. You will have multiple options to fuel up on your way. Since fuel prices vary, a suggestion would be to research on gas stations with cheaper fuel. It might be worth to take a little detour if you can get significant savings.

Overnight Halts

Ideally, the drive from Mumbai to Goa does not require an overnight stay but it also depends on the time of the day when you leave and if you want to have halts on the way. One good place to halt is Chiplun. It has some good resorts. If you do not prefer Chiplun, you may also halt at Ratnagiri which has some good, clean hotels.

Distance/Altitude Change Graph

The distance between Mumbai and Goa is about 600 kilometers and there is hardly any difference in the altitude.

Stay And Eat With Other Eating Places

Goa being a tourist destination, there are ample of places where you can stretch your legs, have an excellent stay and enjoy some good food. Here are some of the places.

Little India beach cottages, Baga: Rooms usually have attached bathrooms, spacious balconies, and air conditions. The food is also decent.

The Park, Calangute: This luxury hotel is situated right at the beach. Contemporary style rooms, designer furniture, pool, cabana, and other facilities grace the place. There is a “Love” restaurant and a very lively bar called “Peace”.

Marbella beach resort, Ashvem: This is one of the hippest resorts in North Goa. They have luxury tents as well as very spacious villas. The restaurant is very active and lively which serves local Goan dishes. This resort hosts some of the most happening parties.

Planet Hollywood beach resort, Utorda: This Hollywood themed, beach resort will take you to another world altogether. It has one of the biggest and best pools in Goa and you are treated as a movie star in this resort.  Well maintained restaurant, spacious rooms, luxurious services, this resort is one of the best in Goa.

Greenland bar and restaurant: This restaurant serves some great Goan specialties including xacuti curries and vindhalo

La Plage: This restaurant has inspired gourmet French Mediterranean food. It has a fine collection of wines and some great salads as well.

Martin’s Corner: This is one of the few restaurants which has a good selection of vegetarian dishes as well. It also hosts local musicians and has live music on most nights.

Mobile Connectivity

You will not have any problems with mobile connectivity on the route and in Goa. It has multiple service providers and being a tourist attraction, these facilities are up to date.


There are multiple ATMs on the way as well as in Goa. Having said that, keeping some cash as a reserve is always better.


Mumbai Goa route is very frequently used. Hence, there are multiple stops where you can find mechanics. But, before starting the journey, make sure your car is in a well-maintained condition.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are also readily available on the way as well as in Goa. Some of the famous hospitals include Manipal Hospital, and Redkar Hospital and Research Center.


You might experience some power outages while in Goa but they are rare and for a short duration of time.

Tool Kits

No matter how well you have maintained your car, some tools are extremely important. These include tools for fixing a punctured tire, screwdrivers, a torch, extra batteries, hammer and duct tape.

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