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The traffic signs give an indication about the road ahead. The driver should have good knowledge of the traffic signs for safe driving.

The traffic signs ensure reduction of road disruptions. Nearly all crossroads carry major road signs, which convey important information to the driver about road condition ahead.

Indian roads have one of the highest numbers of accidents in the world. The knowledge of traffic signs ensures safe driving. This understanding of the road signs also cuts down on road accidents considerably.

Knowledge of Traffic Signs Essential

Traffic signs give an indication about road conditions and acts as guide for drivers to follow at major intersections, roundabouts or junctions, to make sure that road traffic functions properly. Traffic signs can also be interpreted as road safety signs, which are an integral part while driving on Indian roads.

To obtain a driving license in India, she or he has to pass a theoretical test which is nothing but a test of the knowledge of the traffic signs.

Importance of Traffic Signs

A driver on the Indian roads must seriously know and understand the traffic signs well, alongwith the benefits, that this knowledge it provides.

  • It informs the driver about the correct lane to drive in
  • It ensures discipline on the roads
  • It provides information of the road condition ahead with suitable instructions
  • All information about curves and crossroads ahead
  • Information about the presence of schools and hospitals nearby with speed limits to be maintained while passing such establishments
  • It also points out the entry and exit points
  • It declares the parking areas

These road safety signs and following them to the letter will ensure smooth flow of traffic and prevent unforeseen accidents.

Prevailing Condition in India About Traffic Rules

Inadequate knowledge of the traffic rules and signs on the Indian roads by the driver of a vehicle is the root cause of all traffic related problems.

In most of the cases the test of traffic signs which a learner undertakes is not sufficient for the purposes of road safety in India. Even after passing such a test, it is found that, the knowledge of the traffics signs in a driver is very low. No doubt that there are so many road accidents in India.

Implementation of Traffic Laws Must Be Strict

This waywardness found in the drivers on the Indian roads has to be strictly controlled to curb road accidents.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has suitably amended the Motor Vehicles Act with steeper fines and stringent deterrent laws to curb road accidents in India.

This law has to be suitably implemented by the appropriate authorities and with vigilance.

Some Mandatory Traffic Signs

There are various types of signs indicating various circumstances on the roads. The mandatory traffic signs try to ensure smooth traffic flow on the roads, the most common being the traffic light signal.

The traffic light signal regulates the traffic movement on the roads so that, the vehicles can carry out a smooth and safe drive.

The traffic regulatory authorities design the vehicle movement on the roads of the cities. This design is often carried out by traffic signs such as “STOP”. “NO ENTRY”, “ONE WAY”, "RIGHT TURN PROHIBITED”, “SPEED LIMIT”, ‘NO OVERTAKING”, etc. These signs are to regulate traffic, reduce traffic jams and ensure seamless flow of vehicles in the cities.

The driver should also know and understand that, breaching the information of these mandatory traffic signs is punishable with steep fines or even the impounding of their driving license.

Some Cautionary Traffic Signs

These are cautionary traffic signs cautioning the driver of a probable danger ahead. These traffic signs warn the driver to be more careful on the road ahead. For example, “PEDESTRIAN CROSSING”, “NARROW ROAD AHEAD”, “HAIR PIN BEND”, “ROUND ABOUT”, ‘CROSSING AHEAD” etc. These are road safety signs to help prevent road accidents which may result in injury or death.


These traffic signs convey to the driver important information which will ensure easy access to their various destinations. These traffic signs help a driver immensely on highways when she or he is driving fast.

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Some More Information on Traffic Signs

These traffic signs convey to the driver important information which will ensure easy access to their various destinations. These traffic signs help a driver immensely on highways when she or he is driving fast.

Here is a snapshot.

  • It displays the distance between the cities so that the driver may know her or his exact location and plan accordingly on the forward journey.
  • It displays alternative routes so that driver of a vehicle can decide for herself or himself whether to bypass a town or enter it.
  • Big road banners display the distance of several cities ahead on the road. It helps the driver to plan for lunch halt or night stay for the journey ahead.
  • It also displays and warns of any narrow bridge ahead.
  • It also displays and warns of railway crossing ahead.
  • It displays the presence of a hospital ahead. This sign helps the sick or a traveller who is in urgent need of medical aid.
  • It also displays the presence of a school ahead in the nearby vicinity, so that, the driver can be careful while passing that locality.

Safe Drive, Safe Life

This slogan has been propagated by the Regional Transport Office of the Government of West Bengal.

The caption captures the essence of road safety needed today and must be practised nationwide. One of the integral parts of “safe drive” is the understanding of the traffic signs displayed on roads. These road safety signs are there to help both the driver and the pedestrian.

A driver should always follow the mandatory traffic signs for the benefit of anyone who treads Indian roads. They ensure a jam-free smooth ride to a traveller.

The driver should be careful and watchful when she or he notices a cautionary traffic sign. She or he must remember that a little bit of caution on their part will prevent any road accident from taking place.

When driving on the highways these important traffic signs help the driver in many ways. Yet we tend to ignore them, breach them or actually don’t understand them.

Remember that all these 40 traffic signs are there to save you and me.

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