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Third-party motor insurance

  • Plus protection against motor damages
  • Car insurance starting at just ₹2094
  • Bike insurance starting at just ₹538

What is third-party motor insurance?

Third-party motor insurance, or third-party liability insurance, is a form of coverage that helps you manage legal or financial responsibilities resulting from an accident. This insurance safeguards against damages or losses caused to a third-party individual, vehicle, or property. However, it does not provide coverage for damages to your vehicle.

Driving without a valid third-party motor insurance policy can result in significant penalties, including hefty fines and potential imprisonment in certain cases. Additionally, you would be responsible for all financial and legal consequences from any incidents while driving uninsured.

Importance of third-party motor insurance

  • Avoid paying traffic fines

    To stay on the right side of the law, ensure you have a valid third-party motor insurance policy. If caught without one, you risk either paying a ₹2000 fine or facing imprisonment for up to 3 months for the first offense. Subsequent violations will result in a ₹4000 fine.

  • Avoid paying for others' damages

    Third-party motor insurance offers one of the most affordable insurance plans. While it doesn't cover damages to your vehicle, it shields you from having to pay a substantial sum of money as compensation for damages caused to third parties in an accident involving your car.

  • Get legal support

    Under this policy, we will provide legal support for your defense proceedings in a court of law if required.

Why is third-party motor insurance mandatory in India?

In India, purchasing third-party motor insurance is a requirement when buying any vehicle. The Motor Vehicle Act, mandates having valid effective and compulsory third party insurance to ply a motor vehicle on the road. . . Compliance with the law necessitates obtaining a policy. But have you ever wondered why this rule exists?

Every time you hit the road, there's a chance of getting involved in an accident. In such events, there's the possibility of damage to your vehicle and personal injury. To mitigate these risks, individuals procure motor insurance policies. Yet, insurance serves a broader purpose beyond mere legal compliance. In accidents involving others or their assets, damage can occur in both directions.

It's not just about protecting yourself; it's about protecting others too. This implies that both you and the other party face potential risks. Consequently, purchasing third-party motor insurance becomes imperative to address any harm or damage that might affect another individual or their property in an accident involving your vehicle.

Sum insured for content + structure Product code UIN no.
Private car liability only policy 3001/A IRDAN115RP0012V01200102
Two wheeler vehicle liability policy 3005/A IRDAN115RP0016V01200102
Good carrying vehicle liability policy 3003/A IRDAN115RP0013V01200102

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