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Insurance Article

5 Mistakes a Bike Rider Must Avoid

June 22 2015
A Guide for a Safer Ride
safety-is-a-mustFour wheels can get you there but only two wheels can make the journey adventurous.A true biker would agree that nothing beats the feeling of thrill, sheer enjoyment and a sense of responsibility one derives while riding the mean machine.

However, riding a motorbike on today's highways is more of a challenge than enjoyment. You have to be a good rider and you have to have both hands and feet on the controls at all times. One slight misjudgement, one second of distraction will cost you and others around a lot. Here are five common mistakes that you must avoid to make your ride a much safer one.

Choosing the Wrong Bike

Choose your ride wisely

Selecting a bike that suits your personality and requirements is a must. For daily commuters, a bike with a better fuel economy and low maintenance cost is an ideal choice. If long, adventurous rides are your fancy, choose a machine with good bhp and cruiser seating.

Making a wrong choice not only makes the ride physically uncomfortable but also proves to be emotionally and financially taxing in the long run.

Avoiding Pre-ride Bike Check

A basic 'ABC check' is one of the simplest self-checks to do before starting any ride. ABC check is an acronym where 'A' denotes tires' Air Pressure; 'B' stands for the Breaks and Bolts and 'C' is for Chain and other Controls like handlebar, gears, etc.

It saves you from the hassles of a breakdown and ensures that your safety is always a priority.

Selecting Inappropriate or No Safety Gears

Gear up for Safety

The most basic safety gear is an ISI mark helmet. Along with that, it is necessary to have full body gear that includes full-fingered gloves, long-sleeved jacket, long riding pants, and over-the-ankle boots.

This proves to be your best bid in the event of crashes and unexpected encounters on the road.

Neglecting Traffic Norms and Rules

Following the road safety rules is a moral responsibility of every rider. Rather than plainly scanning ahead, each rider must be alert and vigilant about his surroundings.

Adhering to basic rules like observing lane disciple, maintaining safe distances, slowing at zebra crossings for pedestrians, not racing through the yellow light, etc. are some of the basic norms of road safety.

Ignoring Insurance Requirements

A need rather than a necessity

A comprehensive two wheeler insurance is a double benefit that not only offers personal accident protection, but also insures you from third party liabilities. This would prove to be beneficial for the main rider as well as the pillion rider.

A good comprehensive plan helps in paying the hefty medical bills, saving you from financial liability. In addition, several bike insurance companies have tie-ups with garage networks that would also provide cashless repair facility for your bike.

Avoiding the five mistakes outlined above will surely keep you safer on the road, but you need to practice them daily. Happy Riding!

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