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Insurance Article

Coolest Technology in Two Wheelers You Should Know About

May 23 2018
New Two Wheeler Technologies

It’s time to learn about the new two wheeler technologies that are all the rage

The word commonly associated with technology is ‘change’. It’s important to be updated with these changes so as to derive optimum benefit. Here’s a list of the coolest two wheeler technologies you need to know about.

Anti-lock Braking System

Also known as ‘Anti-skid Braking System’, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is a safety system. Even the most skilled riders find it difficult to get their two-wheeler to immediately stop in order to prevent an accident. But with this new technology it is now simple. ABS prevents the wheels from locking when brakes are applied in an emergency by providing the necessary traction, thus preventing uncontrollable skidding.

The system constantly measures the speed of individual wheels with its speed sensor. The system controller takes over during braking in case the measured wheel speed deviates from the system’s predicted wheel speed. This cool technology doesn’t just make riding a better experience but also a safer one.

Slipper Clutch

The technology of slipper clutches was initially used only for high-performance race bikes but now is a standard for street bikes as well. Aggressive downshifts cause hard engine braking, which is taken care of by the slipper clutch technology. It enables the rear suspension to function properly during deceleration. The customised clutch with its integrated freewheel mechanism is a great addition to two wheelers.

Traction Control System

The surface condition of roads isn’t always ideal – wet, dry, freshly paved, uneven, slippery, cracked, or covered in fluids. This affects and changes the amount of traction available to the tyres. The condition of tyres isn’t always ideal either as they can be old or not properly inflated.

Here’s where the need and function of the brilliant Traction Control System (TCS) comes in. The system detects when one wheel is spinning more than the other and brings it to the required spinning level so that optimum grip is maintained. The Traction Control System makes riding more efficient and safe.

Ride by Wire

In a normal mechanical linkage of the throttle and the accelerator, if the rider twists the throttle too hard, the bike comes to a brief pause. This is because of the flow of large quantity of air into the combustion chambers. Ride by Wire is a technology that eliminates this direct link of the throttle and the accelerator, ensuring smooth acceleration. In its place there are actuators and sensors that regulate the supply of air going to the combustion chambers.

The main purpose behind these technologies is to make riding a safer and smoother experience. However, the role of the rider cannot be ignored and their safety cannot be guaranteed. Hence, getting two wheeler insurance is a prudent decision to deal with the unpredictability of life.

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