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An Overview of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Nagpur

Discover RTO Nagpur's roles, vehicle registration, ownership transfer process, and car insurance significance in Maharashtra.

  • 14 Feb 2024
  • 4 min read

Nagpur, the third-largest city in Maharashtra, celebrated for its historical landmarks and enduring culture, is popularly known as the ‘orange city’ and is home to Deekshabhoomi. The RTO Nagpur operates through three offices strategically located in Nagpur Urban, Teka Naka and Chikhali areas, overseeing various road transport activities including the vehicle registration processes.

RTO Office in Nagpur

The RTOs in Nagpur are overseeing administrative activities related to road transport in the city. The table below provides crucial details such as the address, operating hours and contact information of the three offices of Nagpur RTO.

RTO Code Office Address Office Timings Phone Number
MH-31 Opposite Giripeth Post Office, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001 10:00 AM -5:00 PM 0712-256-1698
RTO Code Office Address Office Timings Phone Number
MH- 40 Kamptee Rd, Teka Naka, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440002 10:00 AM -5:00 PM 0712-2630647
RTO Code Office Address Office Timings Phone Number
MH- 49 Wardhaman Nagar, Chikhali, Near Mehta Petrol Pump, Shanti Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001 10:00 AM-5:00 PM 0712-2681215

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What Are The Different Types Of RTO Forms?

Playing a pivotal role, these RTO forms are instrumental in streamlining tasks like vehicle registration, driver’s licence issuance and ownership transfers. They provide individuals with a structured and essential framework to navigate the intricacies of the transportation sector. Let’s explore the diverse forms and their functionalities:

● Form 20: Registration of application for motor vehicle
● Form 21: Sales of Certificate
● Form 23: Registration certificate
● Form 24: Registration of Motor Vehicles
● Form 29: Notice for the transfer of ownership of the motor vehicle
● Form 38 A: Inspection report
● Form 50: Bill of lading
● Form 51: Certificate of Insurance
● Form 54: Accident Information Report

Vehicle Registration Process in Nagpur

It is compulsory to register your vehicle with the RTO Nagpur for citizens of Nagpur. So, follow the vehicle registration process.

● Visit the RTO Nagpur office and submit the filled forms and the documents.
● When you need to pay road tax, use a demand draft.
● Follow the steps of the RTO officer for submitting the documents and registration form.
● Pay the charges of the process.
● The vehicle registration process takes two to three days. Sometimes, it may take a longer time.
● Once the process and verification are completed, the RTO will give you a vehicle number.

Transfer of Ownership of a Registered Vehicle in Nagpur

To transfer ownership of your vehicle in Nagpur, follow the steps outlined below:

● Fill out the RTO forms 29 and 30 for the application for transfer
● Obtain a ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) from the RTO where the vehicle was originally registered. If you bought the vehicle through financing, get an NOC from the financier as well.
● Get the ‘Pollution Under Control’ (PUC) certificate.
● Get the vehicle insurance certificate.
● Pay applicable fees and road taxes.
● Complete registration.
● Affirm the purchase and sales of a vehicle.
● Submit the document of age, address proof and passport-size photographs.

Is It Compulsory to Register Your Vehicle with the RTO?

Registering your vehicle with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) is an essential task that ensures adherence to legal regulations, and contributes to the overall organisation of traffic systems. This mandatory process involves submitting essential information about ownership, vehicle specifications and adherence to safety and emission standards. The RTO’s role extends beyond mere registration, encompassing crucial responsibilities in law enforcement, taxation and the promotion of road safety. Failure to register a vehicle with the RTO may result in legal consequences. Hence, the government emphasises on the importance of completing this process to guarantee a lawful status to your vehicle on the road.

Four-Wheeler Insurance in Nagpur

Securing four-wheeler insurance in Nagpur is an essential aspect of responsible car ownership. Nagpur, renowned for its vibrant cultural heritage and dynamic urban atmosphere, demands a good car insurance policy to protect against unexpected events. Beyond meeting legal requirements, car insurance acts as a financial safety net, offering coverage against accidents, theft or damage. With diverse insurance providers providing tailored and comprehensive coverage, Nagpur residents can confidently navigate the city’s roads, ensuring their vehicles are safeguarded against potential risks. A thorough understanding of the intricacies of four-wheeler insurance in Nagpur is vital for making informed decisions and ensuring a secure and protected driving experience in this lively city.

For more details, kindly visit the official website of the Maharashtra Transport Department.

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