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An Overview of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Wazirpur

Explore the functions of RTO in Wazirpur, covering vehicle registration, ownership transfer procedures, mandatory forms, and the significance of RTO compliance for safe and legal vehicle ownership.

  • 09 Feb 2024
  • 4 min read

The governance of transport-related activities within each state and union territory in India falls under the jurisdiction of the respective Regional Transport Office (RTO). Enforcing the regulations stipulated in the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, these RTOs maintain a comprehensive database of operational vehicles nationwide. Their responsibilities include issuing driver’s licenses, collecting road taxes, conducting pollution checks and ensuring strict adherence to road transportation regulations. Moreover, RTOs actively enhance road and vehicle safety, prioritising accident prevention and reducing road fatalities. You can visit the office directly if you are seeking details about RTO Wazirpur.

RTO Office in Wazirpur

Let’s embark on a journey into the regulatory hub of vehicular affairs with the RTO Wazirpur, Delhi (DL-08 RTO). Here are the contact details that serve as your gateway to this administrative centre: 

RTO Wazirpur




Wazirpur, North West Delhi, Delhi


8:30 AM-1:00 PM

Phone Number


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What Are The Different Types Of RTO Forms?

Comprehending the various RTO forms is essential for individuals involved in administrative procedures, ensuring adherence to legal requirements and promoting a more streamlined experience in transportation. Here, we’ll dive into the distinct RTO forms and their specific purposes:

  • Form 20: Used for applying for motor vehicle registration.
  • Form 21: Provides a sales certificate.
  • Form 23: Issues a registration certificate.
  • Form 24: Registers a motor vehicle.
  • Form 29: Notifies the transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle.
  • Form 38 A: Presents an inspection report.
  • Form 50: Provides a bill of lading.
  • Form 51: Issues a certificate of insurance.
  • Form 54: Reports information regarding an accident

Vehicle Registration Process in Wazirpur

To register your vehicle in Wazirpur, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your local RTO office. Provide the necessary documents along with completed forms.
  2. Submit a demand draft for the applicable road tax.
  3. Follow the guidelines of RTO officers, if any.
  4. Pay the processing fees.
  5. Once processing and verification are done, the RTO will assign a vehicle number.

Typically, the process is completed within two to three days. At times, there might be exceptions with longer durations.

Transfer of Ownership of a Registered Vehicle in Wazirpur

To initiate the transfer of ownership for a registered vehicle in Wazirpur, you must complete Forms 29 and 30. Following this, secure a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the state of the vehicle’s initial registration, especially if the vehicle was purchased through financing. Ensure you have the Pollution Under Control (PUC) and vehicle insurance certificates.
The following steps involve paying the required taxes and fees and completing the vehicle's re-registration process. Additionally, you should confirm the sale and purchase of the vehicle by submitting essential documents, such as age and address proofs, accompanied by passport-sized photographs.

Is It Compulsory to Register Your Vehicle with the RTO?

Certainly, it is mandatory to register your new vehicle with the Regional Transport Office (RTO). The RTO is responsible for overseeing vehicle registration, issuing driving licenses, verifying vehicle insurance and monitoring pollution caused by vehicles.
Upon vehicle registration, you are provided with a vehicle registration card, and the RTO assigns a permanent registration number, which cannot be altered. Initially, the dealer issues a temporary registration number, usually valid for a month. Obtaining a permanent registration number within this period is essential.

Four-Wheeler Insurance in Wazirpur

In India, the Motor Vehicle Act mandates car insurance, giving individuals the option to select between third-party and comprehensive car insurance. Third-party insurance explicitly covers liabilities towards third parties. On the other hand, comprehensive car insurance provides a broader range of protection, encompassing accidents, fire, theft and more, and covering third-party liabilities.
The benefits of comprehensive coverage include safeguarding against damage or loss to the insured vehicle, even during transit. Furthermore, it extends coverage to third-party liabilities, addressing property damage and legal responsibilities associated with bodily injury or death.

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