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An Overview of the Regional Transport Office of Ayanavaram

Discover the purpose of different RTO forms at Ayanavaram RTO, essential for smooth vehicle ownership processes. From registration to insurance, know how to navigate RTO procedures.

  • 09 Feb 2024
  • 4 min read

The Road Transport Office is a government body that streamlines and oversees the transportation system. Commonly referred to as RTO, this entity regulates and handles the vast network of vehicles on India's roads every day. This blog will discuss everything you need to know about the Ayanavaram RTO, which functions under the RTO code TN-01. Ayanavaram, also called Ayanpuram, is a neighbourhood in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Konnur High Road is an important connecting road in Chennai that runs through Ayanavaram.

RTO Office in Ayanavaram

The Ayanavaram RTO manages and regulates different aspects of transportation within its jurisdiction. It is the government organization that performs vehicle registration, issues driving licenses, collects road tax, and ensures vehicles in its jurisdiction comply with transport regulations.

RTO Code 

Office Address 


Office Timings 


Phone Number 


Regional Transport Office, Chennai (Central), No.4, Anderson Road, Ayanavaram, Chennai - 600023

9 am - 5 pm




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What are the Different Types of RTO Forms?

Understanding the purpose of different RTO forms helps us smoothly navigate the procedures related to vehicle ownership at the Ayanavaram RTO. From vehicle registration to license application, there’s a form designed for each purpose.

Familiarising ourselves with the forms mentioned below can save time and effort in the long run:

  • Form 20: Application for motor vehicle registration
  • Form 21: For sales certificate
  • Form 23: For the registration certificate
  • Form 24: For registration of the motor vehicle 
  • Form 29: For notice of transfer of ownership of motor vehicle
  • Form 38A: For inspection report
  • Form 50: For the lading bill 
  • Form 51: For the certificate of insurance
  • Form 54: For information report of an accident

Vehicle Registration Process in Ayanavaram

Vehicle registration at the Ayanavaram RTO involves a step-by-step process. The procedure includes documentation and vehicle specifications. The RTO office then reviews these documents before assigning a unique registration number to the vehicle, allowing it to operate on the roads legally.

Here are the steps involved in vehicle registration at the Ayanavaram RTO:

  • Fill out the necessary details in the relevant forms, and submit them with other required documents.
  • Submit a demand draft (DD) for the road tax that is payable.
  • Fill out the registration form and the documents as directed by the RTO officers.
  • Pay the processing charges.
  • Usually, the process takes 2-3 days. In some cases, it might take longer. 
  • After processing and verifying, the RTO will assign the vehicle a unique number.

Transfer of Ownership of a Registered Vehicle in Ayanavaram

The change of ownership process can sometimes be a tedious task! Fortunately, the Ayanavaram RTO facilitates a hassle-free transfer process. Vehicle owners must fill out Form 29 and Form 30 of the RTO along with the required documents. Ensuring that the new owner's details are updated correctly in the official record is crucial. It is mandatory to provide the original registration certificate, insurance details, pollution certificate, and proof of address. The Ayanavaram RTO examines these documents for accuracy and completeness. Once verified, the RTO updates its records, and a new registration certificate is issued in the new owner's name. This process ensures legal compliance and a smooth transition of vehicle ownership in Ayanavaram.

Is it Compulsory to Register Your Vehicle with the RTO?

Yes, vehicle registration with the RTO is mandatory. It not only acts as proof of the legal identity of the vehicle but also entails adherence to road safety standards. Failure to register a vehicle can result in penalties starting from INR 5,000 and also invite legal repercussions. Registration with the RTO is a crucial step to contributing to overall road safety and upholding regulatory norms.

Four-Wheeler Insurance in Ayanavaram

When driving in Ayanavaram, it is mandatory to have car insurance, as per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988.

Safeguarding vehicles saves us from financial and legal trouble, and indicates responsible ownership. Be it car or bike insurance, the plans offer third-party liability (mandatory), personal injury, and comprehensive coverage, which helps us prevent monetary losses in case of any unexpected vehicle damage or injuries. 

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