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Anti-theft Devices and Their Impact on Car Insurance

Employing anti-theft devices help safeguard your car while lowering your insurance premium. Read on to know more.

  • 13 Oct 2016
  • min read

The significance of anti-theft devices in vehicles

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in 2015, with more than 32,000 stolen vehicles, Delhi topped the list for vehicle thefts in the country. Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Maharashtra came in a close second, with a vehicle being stolen every 13 minutes in UP. These figures are only rising year on year.

The arrests made by the Delhi Police and other state police forces in 2016 reveal how new-age gangs take the help of stolen data, laptops and female members to steal high-end luxury cars. After spending a fortune on your dream vehicle, these numbers across metropolitans and other Indian cities can be startling. Therefore, it is important to check if your vehicle is really secure, beyond the mere lock and key.

Anti-theft Devices and How They Help

With the advance in technology, it is possible to adopt a proactive instead of reactive approach to protect your car. While it is quite unlikely that you can prevent your car from being stolen, there are several warning systems that you can employ to reduce the likelihood of such an event. This is where anti-theft devices play a significant role. The installation of an anti-theft device that is approved by the Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI) not only enhances the security of your vehicle, but also lowers your car insurance premium.

These days, most car manufacturers in India provide in-built anti-theft devices. However, you can also install them at a later stage; the cost would be determined by the technological advancement of the device. Basic mechanical systems will cost less as compared to intelligent computerised systems.

What Type of Anti-theft Devices Do You Need?

  • Mechanical Immobilisers
  • These are the least expensive anti-theft devices in the market. Being visual, these should be enough to ward off amateur car thieves. It is recommended to include an immobiliser in conjunction with other anti-theft devices.

    Types of mechanical immobilisers include steering wheel lock, hood lock, tire lock, gearshift lock, ignition/steering wheel column and crook locks, etc.

  • Electronic Immobilisers
  • Many vehicles today come with standard car keys and fobs that protect their cars via electronic immobilisers. These built-in transponders or microchips send signals to the ignition and fuel pump system. The ignition will work only if it receives the correct signals or it remains static.

Also read:

  • Car Alarms
  • Car alarms feature electronic sensors designed to activate when a vehicle is encroached. This helps in detecting unauthorised entry, breaking glass, sudden movement, and perimeter violations. When the sensors detect a threat, a siren activates, alerting the car’s driver and everyone else within earshot. Additionally, you can also include a sticker on your car stating that it is protected by an alarm; this should keep away most intruders!

  • Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • It provides real-time location of the stolen vehicle using Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Vehicle Tracking Systems are sold with service contracts, and have a reputation for recovering vehicles a mere hour after they have been stolen.

    The Impact on Car Insurance

    Most insurance companies now urge their customers to install anti-theft devices as a measure of precaution. Moreover, insurers offer special discount on the insurance premium if you have installed such devices.

    Opt for ICICI Lombard car insurance and choose ARAI approved anti-theft devices for your car; this can help you reduce your insurance premium, with a discount of up to 2.5%.

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