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Items That You Should Include in Your Car Emergency Kit

Planning to go on a long drive? Make sure your car is stocked with these to experience a safe and peaceful journey.

  • 07 Mar 2017
  • min read

Who doesn’t love to go on long drives? The journey along with friends, family is almost always a memorable affair. Unless, you encounter a car breakdown. A breakdown can happen without warning and at any time. There is no assurance that your car won’t fail even if it has been properly maintained, thus it is always better to be prepared for any eventuality than to regret later. Here are some of the things that should be there in every car emergency kit.

Spare Tyre

One of the most important components here. Most of us think that the spare tyre in the boot is in flawless and ready-to-use condition. But, that is not always the case. Over time, the spare tyre kept in the boot loses air, resulting in lower tyre pressure. It is advisable to check the tyre pressure before embarking on long journeys.

A spare tyre is the only thing that can help you, when you encounter a puncture/flat tyre on the road. Take care of it, and it will take care of you.

Tyre Jack

That spare tyre is worthless when you don’t have a tyre jack to lift the car up. A jack is a mechanical device designed to lift heavy loads. With a maximum lifting capacity of 3 tonnes, it can easily lift your car up so that you can get to working on the real problem: replacing the punctured tyre.

Jumper Cable

The jumper cable is required when the battery of a car goes dead, or runs out of charge. This problem is more common than you think. Turning off the engine and continuing to use electrical equipment requires electricity from the battery. Some people overdo this, and end up exhausting the car’s batteries.

Jumper cable is a great way to solve this issue, but you’ll need another car with a healthy battery to do a jumpstart. If the journey passes through a remote area, it is better to go equipped with an emergency battery booster.

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Towing Rope

Assuming all emergency measures fail, this can be your last resort. A towing rope comes with two iron hooks on each end that can be latched on to the front of the stranded vehicle, while the other end can be latched to the tow vehicle. A tow rope must be thick, of high quality and flexible with good load-lugging capacity. This equipment ensures that your stranded car can be towed to the nearest mechanic for repairs.

First Aid Kit

Because emergencies can strike at any time during the journey, it is never a bad idea to carry a medical kit. You never know when you may need it. Make sure that it is stocked properly with antiseptic cream, aspirin, band-aid, gauze pads and adhesive tape.

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