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Insurance Article

Women Assist Facility

May 11 2019
Women Assist Service

An unexpected car break down is every motorist’s nightmare. Most insurance companies have the service of Road Side Assistance (RSA) to help out in such situations. ICICI Lombard with its constant focus on customer wellbeing, decided to go one step forward and view this concern from a woman motorist’s stand point as well. The safety issues that have been plaguing the women of this nation have risen in the last couple of years. As a result, a woman stranded in such a situation, all alone and after hours, is not just worried about her vehicle but also for her own security.

ICICI Lombard’s Women Assist Service steps up in such situations. This service is especially for Women motorists, whether they are the policy holder, spouse or daughter of the policy holder, stranded due to a car break any time between 8pm to 5am. All she has to do is reach out to the call centre. ICICI Lombard has upgraded its technology to ensure that she is met with an instant response. She is then provided not just an on-site assistance but also a cab drop to her location. All the while, her tracking details will be shared with a member of her family of friend as she chooses. This service is provided free of any additional charges to the female motor insurance policy holder.

Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd., said, “Safety and security of our women policy holders has always been of paramount concern to us. As such, our aim was to create a service that would help our customers feel safe. We discovered that there was a need for a specific cover that could meet their requirements while driving at late hours in the night or early morning. Therefore ICICI Lombard has stepped up to empower and encourage women insurers to be self-dependent by providing specialised services under their ‘Women Assist’. Risk management has always been one of our prime objectives and this service is but another step towards this goal.”

Time is of essence while providing assistance during an emergency. Women Assist assures a response within 10 minutes after contacting the call centre. Under the RSA framework Women Assist offers facilities such as:

  • Urgent message relay to friends and family in an emergency
  • Call center will monitor and follow up till customer reaches destination
  • Co-ordination of medical and ancillary services
  • Third-party cab service
  • Providing a vehicle technician in lieu of any mechanical failure or accident
  • Accommodation to be provided of INR 5000/- if the women driver is immobilized because of an accident or car breakdown for a day

Women Assist is one of the many technology developments at ICICI Lombard over the recent years. At the heart of all these technology advancement, the customer has always been the inspiration. It is through these efforts that the company continuously strives to ensure that promises made to its customers are fulfilled.

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