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Learn How To File A Car Insurance Claim With Our 5 Minute Guide!

Want to make a motor insurance claim, but not sure how it works? We're here to share the right process of filing a car insurance claim online.

  • 09 Dec 2020
  • min read

Want to make a motor insurance claim, but not sure how it works? We're here to help! To get your insurance benefits in case of accidental damages, you need to know the right process of filing a claim. It is a simple and straightforward affair if you have insured your car with us.

Before we explain the insurance claim process, let's take a look at the two major types of motor insurance claims:

  • Third-party claim – If you damage any third party or their property with your car, then the damages will be covered under a third-party claim. In this case, your insurer will cover the losses to the third party.
  • Own damage claim – If your own vehicle is stolen or damaged in an accident, you can make an own damage claim. In this type of claim, your insurer will cover losses to your vehicle. Your car must be covered by a package policy (comprehensive policy covering both third party and own damage covers) to make this claim.

Whether you're filing a third party car insurance claim or an own damage claim, you need to contact your own insurer at the time of accident or theft. You'll then be directed correctly for the next steps – be it heading to a garage, furnishing specific documents, or filing an FIR at the police station.

How to file a motor insurance claim

When you've insured your vehicle with us, you'll find claiming is simple and hassle-free. We’ll assist you with the entire insurance claim process, so that you can rest easy.

Let's take a look at the step-wise process for filing a motor insurance claim with us:

Step 1: Call us on our toll-free number - 1800 2666 - immediately after the incident.

Step 2: Share the circumstances of the event (accident, breakdown, theft, etc.) with our customer relationship team.

Step 3: To help us survey the extent of damage to your vehicle, use the InstaSpect feature on our IL Take Care app. The app is available for download on the Play Store and App Store. You can also track your ICICI Lombard claim status on the app.

Step 4: If your car needs repairs, we'll arrange to pick up to the nearest preferred partner garage.

Step 5: Once your car is repaired, we settle the bill directly with the garage (in case of a cashless garage). You can pay your share of the amount and take possession of your vehicle.

And that’s it! If you’ve opted for our car insurance with Garage Cash cover, we’ll also provide a daily allowance while your car is at the garage. You can use this allowance to pay for auto or taxi fare till your car is back.

Apart from the toll-free number mentioned above, you can also contact us through several other modes:

  • Lodge a claim on our website or app
  • SMS "CLAIM" to 575758
  • Write to us at

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Documents needed for car insurance claims

In case any documents are required to help us process your request, our customer service manager will reach out to you. Here's a list of standard documents that you may be asked to furnish:

  • Your policy documents
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Your driving license
  • First Information Report filed by the police (in case of accident)
  • Duly filled claim form
  • Medical bills in case you were injured in the incident
  • Final or no trace report from the police stating that the vehicle is untraceable (in case of theft)

Why go to our network garages?

Are you wondering why you shouldn't just go to any garage and get your car repaired? Because then you'll miss out on the super benefits that you get at our network garages!

Firstly, our partner garages offer cashless repairs. We directly settle your bill, and you can take possession of your car once it's fixed. Some of the other great benefits that you receive at our partner garages include -

  • Pick up arrangement from your doorstep or accident spot
  • Quick vehicle survey through InstaSpect on our IL Take Care app
  • Service quality assurance for six months on repairs
  • Use of original parts in case of any replacement needed
  • Safety measures including sanitisation of high touch-points and car wash

All this comes at no added cost to you!

So the next time you need to make a car insurance claim, don't fret. Just give us a call or use our app to file the claim. Our customer support is available on call to help you with motor claims, and we've partnered with 8000+ cashless garages across the country for your convenience. For a great claims experience, call us first, and we'll take care of everything!

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