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Reasons Why Innova Crysta Is The Most Popular Car In India

The Toyota Innova Crysta has become a household name ever since it launched in May 2016. Know about the reasons why Innova Crysta is the most popular car in India

  • 12 Jan 2022
  • min read

Toyota Innova Crysta has become a household name ever since it launched in May 2016. Even before the launch of Crysta, Toyota Innova has had its fair share of capturing the market of MUVs.  Even though it faced tough competition from the market, the Toyota Innova Crysta has successfully maintained its status.

The Innova Crysta has regularly maintained its high selling status and outsold even cheaper models in the same segment. Another important factor about the Toyota Innova Crysta is its high resale value which attracts a lot of first time and used car buyers. No matter if you have a old car or a new car, always make sure to protect it with a car insurance policy.

Here are some of the factors because of which the Innova Crysta has become popular:

Level of Comfort

Toyota has made sure that the Innova Crysta scores really high on the comfort quotient. It has acres of leg-room and headroom in all the rows, and a high seating position and a well laid cabin. The third row is very spacious as it has been designed to accommodate two to three adults. There is both 7 seater and 8 seater options available for this MUV. In the 7 seater variants, the centre row gets captain seats. The front passenger seat can be adjusted from the middle row captain seat and the driver seat is completely electronically adjustable.

The Innova Crysta can take pride in its individual AC control, comfort and space, unlike many MUVs. The luggage space can also be increased by folding the last row if the need arises.

Look and Design

Toyota has certainly put in a lot of effort in designing the look of the Innova Crysta. This MUV has an indestructible build quality and extremely good design. Some features of the MUV include large sweptback projector headlamps along with LED daytime running lights, hexagonal front grille, three air-bags, middle read head rest, seat belt warning, brake assistant, speed sensing door lock, driver arm rest, etc. The Innova Crysta also has two pieces split taillights along with a rear spoiler.

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Reliability and Safety

Toyota Innova Crysta adheres to the top of the line safety features. This MUV comes with ABS and airbags as part of its standard safety feature. There are 7 airbags in the top end variant that includes the driver, front passenger, driver knee, front side and curtain shield. Other safety features of the car include electronic stability programs, hill hold control, hill descent control, etc.

Easy Maintenance and Service

The spare parts of the Toyota Innova Crysta come at a very affordable rate. Hence, this MUV is comparatively easy to maintain. The Innova is known to have excellent build quality. Hence, the problem of malfunction and replacement is quite rare. Generally, Toyota cars are known to barely have any issues. Along with this, there is a widespread network of Toyota service centres across the country that strives to provide complete satisfaction to their customers. Regularly servicing the car on time can help the car to run as smoothly as possible. All these aspects combined together increases the resale value of the MUV.

Performance: The Toyota Innova Crysta offers two diesel options to its customers.


2.4-litre GD diesel engine

2.8-litre GD diesel engine

Maximum Power



Peak Torque



The Toyota Innova Crysta engines are known for its reliability. It is also known for its fuel efficiency and good performance. Innova Crysta is known for its refined, powerful, fuel-efficient status.

Resale Value

One of the reasons for the popularity of Innova Crysta is that it has a great resale value. With features like the ones mentioned above, the value of the car depreciates slowly.

Brand Image

Toyota Innova has always had a good image in the market since its launch and has been a household name. Thanks to its popularity status people were eagerly waiting for the launch of the new Innova Crysta in 2016. Considering the above factors, Innova remained true to its promise and maintained its brand value.

Toyota Innova Crysta is undoubtedly one of the top selling cars in the country. Since they have never compromised on their offerings, this is helped them maintain their popularity in this MUV segment.

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