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An Overview of the Regional Transport Office of Pathanamthitta

Explore the functions of RTO Pathanamthitta in Kerala, from vehicle registration to licensing. Learn about forms, procedures, and the importance of insurance.

  • 02 Apr 2024
  • 4 min read

The Regional Transport Office is the government department or entity responsible for vital aspects of motor vehicle administration and regulation at the local or regional level in India. It oversees transport-related operations in every state and union territory. The RTO executes the responsibilities and tasks outlined in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

RTO Office in Pathanamthitta

RTO Code


Office Address

Stadium Junction, Kaipatoor Pathanamthitta Road, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Office Timings

09:30 am - 06:30 pm

Phone Number


The district of Pathanamthitta is in the southern state of Kerala. Vehicle registration, driving licenses, and related services are among the many facets of road mobility that the RTO Pathanamthitta oversees.

Apart from granting driver’s licenses, the department maintains a list of all cars registered under its jurisdiction. The RTO officer is also in charge of environmental inspections, supervising the collection of road fees, and ensuring that all traffic regulations are followed. If you are a driver or vehicle owner in India, you must visit the RTO for tasks such as obtaining a driver's license, renewing it, and registering your car. Additionally, the RTO office Pathanamthitta is in charge of enhancing vehicle and road safety to prevent collisions and other traffic fatalities.

What are the Different Types of RTO Forms?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made various RTO forms available online, each with a specific function:

  • Form 20: Motor vehicle registration application
  • Form 21: Sales certificate
  • Form 23: Registration certificate 
  • Form 24: Motor vehicle registration
  • Form 29: Notification of ownership transfer
  • Form 38 A: To generate an inspection report 
  • Form 50: For a bill of lading
  • Form 51: To obtain the Insurance Certificate
  • Form 54: To provide information about an accident 

Vehicle Registration Process in Pathanamthitta

To register your vehicle, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the RTO office and submit all the required paperwork and completed forms.
  2. Deposit a draft demand bearing the road tax and other fees.
  3. As instructed by the RTO authorities, submit the registration form and complete the necessary paperwork.
  4. Pay the processing fees.
  5. The registration procedure typically takes 2-3 days. It can take longer in some cases.
  6. The RTO will assign the vehicle’s registration number upon completing the processing and verification process.

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Transfer of Ownership of a Registered Vehicle in Pathanamthitta

To transfer ownership of a car that is registered, you can take the following steps:

  1. Complete the relevant RTO forms (Forms 29 and 30)
  2. Get a no objection certificate NOC from the state where the car was initially registered. If the car is under finance, the financier must provide the NOC.
  3. Obtain your pollution under control (PUC) certification.
  4. Obtain a certificate of auto insurance
  5. Pay all relevant fees and traffic taxes.
  6. Complete all documentation for the successful registration of the vehicle
  7. Confirm the purchase and selling of the vehicle
  8. Give proof of your age, address, and passport-sized photos

Is it Compulsory to Register Your Vehicle with the RTO?

Yes, it is compulsory. You must register your new vehicle with the RTO with jurisdiction over your area. Failure to comply can lead to the seizure of your vehicle, fines from INR 5,000 up to INR 10,000 and even imprisonment from six months to two years.

You will receive a registration number when registering your vehicle with the RTO. The number assigned by the RTO will be the permanent registration number, which is to replace the temporary registration number provided by the dealer. You need to obtain the permanent registration number for your vehicle within a month.

Four-Wheeler Insurance in Pathanamthitta

The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 has made car insurance policy compulsory in India. There are two types of four-wheeler insurance: third-party and comprehensive. Third-party insurance provides coverage for liabilities against third parties. Comprehensive car insurance offers broader protection and covers damage from fire, theft, accident, and more, including coverage against third-party liabilities. It is advisable to opt for comprehensive coverage as third-party insurance is of little use regarding coverage to your vehicle.

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