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Top High-Tech Car Safety Technologies

High-tech safety features ensures safe driving on road and can protect your car from colliding, over speeding, and protecting you in case of an accident

  • 04 Apr 2018
  • min read

A report published by Transport Research Wing under Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has revealed that 17 deaths occur in road accidents every hour in India. As per the data cited in the report, 4,80,652 road accidents were recorded in the country, which led to 1,50,785 deaths last year.

Indian roads are among the most unsafe in the world. While there is no substitute to responsible and attentive driving, here are some high-tech safety features that ensure a safe and smooth drive.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The modern day cruise control can, not only maintain a constant speed, but it can adjust the throttle and brakes to keep a safe distance from any object or vehicle in front of your car. If the system senses a potential collision by using sensors and radar, it will tighten the seat belts and apply the brakes.

Periphery Sensors

The technology is designed to notify you about the objects or vehicles in your blind spot during driving or parking. It will alert you with a light, sound or steering vibration if you are about to collide with a car or an object. This high-tech feature may even give you the luxury of reversing the car without even turning back.

Heads-Up Display

You might be forced to look into the navigation screen or your dashboard which means to take your eyes off the road. This is not only annoying but also dangerous while driving the car. Heads-up display puts the navigation and other information right there on the windshield in front of you. It means you don’t have to take your eyes off the road even for a second.

Lane Keeping Assist

The system assists you in driving in your lane. It uses cameras to detect the lane marking and determine if a car has drifted across its marked lane, giving a visual or audible notification. The system turns itself off when you use directional indicators to take a turn. More advanced technology can even steer you back in your lane if you are moving far away from it.

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Occupant Sensitive Airbags

Humans are created different and thus there are these airbags, which can sense size and weight of different occupants, their seating positions, child passengers and the speed of the car. These highly sensitive airbags can pop up from anywhere to ensure utmost safety of the passengers.
No matter how safe your car, an accident is always a judgemental error away. A comprehensive car insurance policy is a must, as it protects you from any financial liabilities arising out of an accident and also takes care of the car’s repair costs.
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