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How to Check Status of Traffic Challan in Haryana?

Easily check your traffic challan status in Haryana online. Follow simple steps on the portal or app to manage and pay your challans hassle-free.

  • 15 Mar 2024
  • 2 min read

Are you wondering what comes next after being issued a traffic challan? We have all been there! But don't worry if this happens when you are in Haryana; checking the Haryana challan status is easier than you think.

Check Status of Traffic Challan in Haryana

Checking online traffic challan status, Haryana is a fairly easy. Here is how you can do it —

  • Look for 'Check Challan Status': Spot and click on this option to proceed.
  • Fill in the Details: You will need to enter either your challan number, vehicle registration number, or your driving licence number.
  • Enter Captcha: A quick captcha code for security will appear, and you are almost there.
  • View Your Status: After inserting the captcha code, the portal reveals whether your e-Challan is pending, paid, or needs your attention.

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Staying on top of your challan status in Haryana is a breeze. You can check, manage, and even pay your challans online with just a few clicks. It is all about making your driving experience as smooth as possible. Remember to keep your four wheeler insurance active so that you are always on the right side of the law. This will also ensure that you drive on the roads with complete peace of mind.

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