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How to Download Your Motor Insurance Policy?

Easily access your motor insurance policy by following the step-by-step instructions in this article.

  • 21 Aug 2023
  • 3 min read

A motor insurance policy document provides financial protection in case of accidents or damages. Accidents can lead to substantial financial liabilities, whether a minor scratch or a significant collision.

Without adequate insurance coverage, you may be personally responsible for covering the costs of repairs, medical expenses, or legal claims. However, with a valid motor insurance policy, you can mitigate these financial burdens and rely on the coverage provided by your insurer to handle the expenses.

Moreover, it is mandatory to have this document on hand while driving to avoid penalties. This article will take you through the steps involved in downloading the ICICI Lombard policy.

How to download the ICICI Lombard motor insurance policy document?

When you buy or renew a policy with us, then soon after payment, we send the soft copy to the email address you provided to us. The simplest way to get this document is to retrieve the mail we sent. 

Download vehicle insurance policy through Website 

  • Visit our official website and go to the dashboard.
  • Choose 'Help Centre' under the 'Support' section.
  • Keep scrolling to reach the 'Online Requests' section
  • Select 'Require Policy Copy' under 'Request Policy Copy.'
  • Select your insurance type.
  • Choose 'Request' under 'Case Type.'
  • Enter the policy number and other information requested under the Details 2 section.
  • Input alphanumeric code. 
  • Click on 'Proceed.'
  • You can now download your policy.

Download motor insurance policy through WhatsApp

  • Send 'Hi' on WhatsApp at '7738282666."
  • Click on 'Service Menu.'
  • Tap on 'Download your policy.'
  • If you are on chat with your registered number, you will receive the soft copy immediately on the chat 
  • If you are on chat with another number, then click on 'Options' and choose vehicle/policy/registered mobile number.
  • By providing the details, you will receive the information immediately. 

Other ways

In addition, you have the option to obtain a copy of your policy through the ILTakeCare App. To initiate this process on the app, simply add your motor insurance policy. Alternatively, you can also request your policy documents via email by contacting our support team at


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