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How to Use Defogger in a Car?

Discover essential tips on efficiently using a car defogger for clear visibility during winter nights and challenging conditions. Drive with confidence using front, rear, and side window defoggers.

  • 29 Jan 2024
  • 3 min read


The significance of a clear view through windows and front windshield is paramount when we drive on foggy nights during winters and in hilly areas. When it happens, our defogger plays a crucial role in clearing the view and helping drive glitch-free.

As a driver and car owner, everyone must know how to use a defogger in a car efficiently to avoid troubles during foggy hours. So, here we will explain how to use defogger and drive like a pro. Refer to the tips and suggestions mentioned in the following section.

Using Car Defogger

Defogger is an essential car accessory for a clear view on chilly winter nights. Usually, cars have two types of defoggers: one for the windshield and another for the rearview.
Wondering how to use a defogger in a car efficiently? It’s quite a simple process but a significant one that every car owner should know. The features and controls of using a car defogger may vary according to its model and make. However, the basic idea stays the same.

Here, we are sharing ways to use a defogger in a car.

Front Window Defogger: Start the vehicle, adjust the defogger, fan speed and temperature and switch off the air recirculation mode after using it on foggy nights.
Rear Window and Side Mirror Defogger: After reading the manual, start the defogger and wait a few minutes for activation. After using, turn off the defogger through manual settings.
Side Window Defogger: Set defogger vents towards the side window and adjust temperature and fan speed to clear the view.

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These are types of car defoggers, and learn how to use defoggers in a car efficiently so that it cleans better and functions appropriately at the moment of requirement. Refer to the passage and take advantage of this crucial car accessory for trouble-free car driving on winter nights. You can take car insurance to shield against unplanned financial burdens due to car damages.

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