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Hydrogen Cars vs Electric Cars

Explore the distinctions between hydrogen cars and electric cars – from fuel sources to costs and infrastructure requirements. Choose the eco-friendly mobility solution that suits your needs

  • 29 Jan 2024
  • 3 min read

The Indian auto sector is going through significant technological upgrades and integrating green options like electric vehicles, electric cars, etc., to reduce carbon footprints for a sustainable future. High demand for limited fossil fuels and environmental degradation calls for eco-friendly solutions.

Hydrogen cars and electric cars are two zero-emission and cost-efficient mobility solutions for a greener future and to heal our environment. These are distinct types, and we will compare them in today’s passage. Refer to the analysis of hydrogen cars vs. electric cars and go green for the sake of future generations.

What is the difference between Hydrogen Cars and Electric Cars?

  • Electric vehicles operate on electricity in batteries, and Hydrogen cars run on Hydrogen gas as their fuel source.
  • Hydrogen cars require a few minutes to refuel and can run for approximately 500 to 800 km on single refuelling. Electric cars need hours to recharge fully. Basic EV cars can go 100 to 150 km on a full charge battery. Advanced models can cover up to 348 km on a fully charged high-quality battery.
  • Electric cars are cheaper than Hydrogen cars. The upcoming Hyundai Mirai, the first Hydrogen car in India for sale in 2024, is expected to cost around Rs. 60 lakhs.
  • The generation, processing, and conversion of hydrogen into fuel is an expensive and complex procedure. We need more infrastructure for Hydrogen cars compared to EVs.

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These are prominent comparative points for Hydrogen cars vs Electric cars. Refer to and analyse the pros and cons of these eco-friendly mobility solutions to decide which one to choose for your requirements. The future of the automobile industry is EVs, Hydrogen cars, autonomous cars, and digital solutions. You can take car insurance for unplanned financial burdens due to car problems.

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