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Time Limit for Car Insurance Claim

Explore the time frames for filing car insurance claims. Timely submission is crucial for a smooth process and effective resolution of damages after an accident.

  • 31 Jan 2024
  • 2 min read

Car insurance is a promise made by an insurance company to the customer. The promise entails
that in case of damage to the car following an accident, the company will pay for the damages.
However, having car insurance is not enough. If your vehicle meets with an accident, you must
be aware of the time limit to file an insurance claim.

What is the Time Limit for a Car Insurance Claim?

The time limit for a car insurance claim varies according to the insurer and the type of claim
filed. For cashless claims, you don't have to pay upfront for any repairs to the car. Your insurance
company will deal with the repair costs. You need to pay for the repairs while filing a
reimbursement claim. The insurance company executes the reimbursement later on. 

Here is the time limit to file an insurance claim:

  • Ideally, you should file the claim within 24 hours of damage. Fresh damages help the
    surveyor file a correct inspection report. Any delay in filing a claim makes it difficult to
    contact the other party involved in the accident.
  • Some insurers have a time frame of 48 to 72 hours to file the claim.
  • In extreme circumstances, you should file the claim within seven days of the mishap.

Also read:

The insurance company sets a time limit for a car insurance plan claims to ensure the reliability of their
underwriting process. Failure to justify the reasons for the delay in filing the claim may lead to
non-acceptance of your claim.


Make the claim as soon as somebody hits your car. Don’t forget to carry a copy of the current
and previous year's policy, driving license, car registration certificate, claim form, and estimate
from the workshop while filing the insurance claim.

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