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Tyre Protection Add-on Cover: What is it, and Who Needs it?

Drive through India's diverse road conditions worry-free with the Tyre Protection Add-on Cover. This article sheds light on the significance of protecting your vehicle's tyres from damages caused by bad roads. Understand the coverage, exclusions, and discover if you should consider this insurance add-on for a safer and cost-effective driving experience.

  • 21 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

India's roadways still require significant improvement, notwithstanding the government's sincere and concerted efforts. While driving through cities, highways, or villages, you will encounter potholes, broken speed breakers, and half-completed roads. Keeping your vehicle in good condition despite such circumstances becomes highly challenging. Tyres are components of a vehicle that suffer the most from the fury of bad roads.


We have bad news for you if you ignore this aspect of your vehicle and are only concerned with the interior and mileage. Tyre replacement is expensive, especially if you have to deal with it often. For example, a new tyre for a hatchback can make you poorer by some INR 4,000. 

What is Tyre Protection Add-on Cover?

Most insurers do not provide tyre coverage in their regular car insurance policies. However, they have introduced a rider of late termed “tyre protection cover” to deal with tyre-related problems. You can acquire this plan when renewing or purchasing a comprehensive car insurance policy. This is an add-on cover that typically includes tyre repairs and replacement. Some plans also cover the labour costs associated with repairing tyres. The compensation insurers assure for tyre protection is equal to or more than 50% of the tyre replacement or repair cost. 

What is Covered, Not Covered Under a Tyre Protection Add-on?

Here is a list of what is covered and what is not under a tyre protection add-on cover:




  • If your tyre gets damaged beyond repair for any reason, such as puncture, cut, crack, or bulge, the tyre protection add-on cover will pay for replacing it with a new one.
  •  If you need to remove, refit, or rebalance your tyre due to any damage, the tyre protection add-on cover will pay the labour charges involved in this process.
  • Suppose your tyre gets damaged in an accident or unforeseen event, such as fire, theft, vandalism, or natural calamity. In such cases, the tyre protection add-on cover will pay for the tyre's repair or replacement cost.


Not covered


  • If your tyre gets punctured or needs minor repairs, the tyre protection add-on cover will not bear the cost of fixing it. You will have to bear such expenses.
  • If your tyre gets damaged, but your vehicle is unaffected and remains intact, the tyre protection add-on cover will not include the cost of replacing the tyre. You will have to pay for it.
  •  If your tyre gets damaged while transporting goods or from overloading in your vehicle, the tyre protection add-on cover will not include the labour charges for moving or fitting the tyre. You will have to pay for it.
  • If your tyre gets damaged following participation in a rally or racing event, the tyre protection add-on cover will not cover the repair cost of the tyre. You will have to bear the expenses.

Who should buy one?

A tyre protection cover can benefit anyone who owns a vehicle and wants to secure their tyres from unexpected damages. Even so, some individuals may need this cover more, and they are:

  • Those who drive frequently on rough roads or terrains that can damage tyres
  • Those who have expensive or high-performance tyres that are costly to replace or repair

Those who want to avoid paying out-of-pocket for tyre damages not covered by their standard car insurance policy

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Tyres are essential components of cars but the most vulnerable to damage, given their constant contact with the road, the condition of which varies widely. Hence, they are prone to wear and tear, affecting their performance and lifespan. A tyre protection add-on cover can help protect your tyres from such damages and save you from unnecessary expenses and hassles. It can also enhance your car insurance coverage and provide more value for money. 

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