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What Are Hydrogen Cars?

Explore the revolutionary concept of hydrogen cars, leveraging fuel cell technology for sustainable and eco-friendly driving. Uncover the key components and advantages reshaping the automotive landscape.

  • 29 Jan 2024
  • 2 min read

Fossil fuel burning (petrol, diesel, etc.) is the most significant reason for climate change. The adverse impact is in front of our eyes regarding irregular weather patterns, rising number of cloud bursts, food crisis, and more. It calls for greener fuel solutions that can heal our planet.

People who genuinely care for a sustainable future look for greener vehicle solutions to minimise carbon footprint, less noise pollution, durable and efficient fuel, faster refuelling options and more. Hydrogen cars could be the ultimate solution. Let's explore how, beginning with what are hydrogen cars.

Understanding Hydrogen Cars

What are hydrogen cars? Cars use hydrogen gas to power the ignition are hydrogen cars. With the bountiful advantages of hydrogen-powered vehicles, it is going to be a significant disruptor in the automobile industry.
Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) applies electricity to power an electric motor. FCEV uses a hydrogen-powered fuel cell to generate electricity. Automakers define the vehicle's strength according to the electric motor's size. It receives energy from the proportionate fuel cell and battery combination.
The hydrogen fuel tank size measures the energy stored onboard. This differs from an all-electric vehicle, where the quantity of energy and power present are closely related to the battery's size.
Critical components of a Hydrogen fuel cell electric car are low voltage auxiliary battery, battery pack, DC/DC converter, Electric traction motor, fuel cell stack to produce electricity using hydrogen and oxygen, fuel filler and tank, power electronics controller, thermal system (cooling), and electric transmission system.

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People can refer to the passage for what are hydrogen cars and how these eco-friendly vehicles function. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari actively supports hydrogen cars on multiple public platforms. Vehicle owners should also have car insurance and check emissions to minimise their carbon footprint and avoid potential mishaps.

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