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What is a High-Security Number Plate?

A high-security number plate is a specialized vehicle identification plate designed with advanced security features to enhance vehicle traceability, curb counterfeiting, and bolster road safety.

  • 28 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Have you ever thought about why certain cars in India have unique number plates? When you are out and about, you might notice special holograms, stickers, or laser codes on some cars. Well, these are not just for show. They serve a crucial purpose known as the High-Security Number Plate or HSRP system. This system is mandatory for all vehicles in India. 


The government implemented it to enhance road safety and prevent fraudulent activities. Here, we will break down what is a high-security number plate, how it contributes to our safety, and why it is important.


What is a High-Security Registration Plate?

Let’s begin by deciphering what is a high-security registration plate and its components.


A High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP) is a tamper-proof vehicle number plate. It comprises aluminium and boasts advanced security features such as the ones listed below.


Typically, a chromium-based hologram reflects light and changes colour when viewed from different angles. This hologram contains the Ashoka Chakra symbol and the letters “IND.”


There is a hot-stamped alpha numeral with a retro-reflective sheet. It makes the number plate visible at night and from a distance. The colour of the alpha numeral indicates the type of vehicle. White for private cars, yellow for commercial vehicles, and red for government vehicles.


HSRP also has a laser-etched PIN (laser code). It is unique for each vehicle and contains the details of the manufacturer, State code, district code, and serial number. You can scan this PIN with a handheld device to verify the vehicle’s authenticity.


You will also notice a colour sticker on the plate. It indicates the vehicle’s fuel type. Here, light blue means petrol or CNG, orange means diesel, and green means electric or hybrid. This sticker also contains the vehicle’s registration number and the PIN.


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HSRP is a new vehicle identification system implemented in India to enhance road safety and prevent fraud. It has a tamper-proof aluminium number plate with advanced security features such as a hologram, a hot-stamped alpha numeral, a laser code, and a colour sticker. These features make HSRP more reliable, traceable, and uniform than the old number plates. HSRP is mandatory for all vehicles in India and can be booked online through various websites. Now that you know what is HSRP in a vehicle, get your HSRP immediately to avoid penalties or inconvenience.

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