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7 New Year Resolutions for Better Health

By sticking to some new year resolutions such as exercising daily, avoiding junk food and getting enough sleep, you can keep yourself fit and healthy all year long.

  • 05 Jan 2021
  • min read

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make some changes to your lifestyle. By making the right health resolutions and sticking to them, you can stay fit all year long.

Finally, 2020 is gone, and 2021 is here. You must have welcomed the new year with lots of hope and vigour. Keeping behind the sufferings endured by the world due to the pandemic, it's time to be optimistic and think about the future. A new year signals a new beginning and provides an opportunity to take firm steps for a better tomorrow.

One of the ordinary things that most of us do before starting a year is making new year resolutions. After all, each one of us wants to improve our lives in the upcoming year. However, it's essential to keep our new year resolutions manageable and strategic so that we can strictly follow them.

According to Nielsen's survey, new year resolutions are mostly centred on staying fit and healthy. So, if you also want to improve your health in 2021, here are some practical new year's resolution ideas you can actually follow:

Make exercising a daily routine

There is no better way to stay fit than through daily exercise daily. It will not only help you in keeping your muscles active but in reducing your stress levels. It would help if you made it a habit to exercise daily for at least 40 minutes. What you can do is block a time in your daily calendar, possibly in the morning or evening, to tackle some fitness activities.

You can start with a simple morning walk and evening walk and gradually move on to activities such as weight lifting, squats, push-ups, etc. If you find it difficult to do these exercises at home, you can join a gym near your residence.

Start eating a healthy diet

It's one of the most common new year resolutions that most of us take but often fail to follow. Eating a healthy diet is one of the simplest and sustainable methods to keep yourself fit. It significantly reduces the chances of developing heart diseases and keeps your blood sugar level in check. On the contrary, an improper diet can hamper your development and may cause irreparable damage to your body.

You should strictly avoid eating junk foods such as chips, soft drinks, candies, etc. Instead, go for whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, milk and fish, as they are rich in nutrients required by your body to function at an optimal level. You can also consult a dietician to get a healthy diet chart for yourself.

Quit smoking and minimise drinking

You must be well aware of the ill effects of alcohol and tobacco on your health. They can cause some severe health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, bronchitis, and pulmonary diseases. Hence, if you have a habit of smoking and drinking frequently, you must try to quit it without any delay.

It may seem like an uphill task in the beginning, but you can start with baby steps. It would help if you aimed to completely give up on smoking and minimise the intake the alcohol.

Reduce your sitting time and start walking more

According to health experts, sitting for a prolonged period is considered as bad for the body as smoking. Sitting or lying down for too long can increase the risk of chronic health problems such as heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer. Whether it's because of a sedentary job or inactiveness, most of us prefer to sit more than we should.

Hence, it would be best if you made it a resolution to reduce your sitting time and instead, indulge in more physical activities. If your job requires you to sit for an extended period, take frequent 10-minute walking or standing breaks.

Sleep for at least seven to eight hours a day

Getting adequate sleep is vital for your overall health. Sleep deprivation or inadequate sleep may lead to serious health consequences such as obesity, heart diseases and depression. There can be many reasons for a person not to get enough sleep. It can be due to stress or a sedentary lifestyle. It's crucial to fix these issues and sleep for at least seven to eight hours a day.

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Get frequent health check-ups

No matter how many precautions you take, you can catch an illness anytime. The sedentary lifestyle that most of us follow and increasing pollution levels make us prone to diseases and ailments. Hence, it's crucial to get frequent health check-ups throughout the year. It will help you know if your body has any illnesses or infections and take timely measures to control them.

If you're a person who tends to forget things, you can block certain days in your calendar for getting a complete health check-up at the start of the year.

Buy a health insurance policy for yourself and your family

A health insurance policy safeguards your hard-earned savings against medical emergencies. In case you haven't purchased health insurance for yourself and your family members, you should do so without any delay. In the absence of a health insurance policy, you will have to pay for unforeseen medical expenses out of your pocket, which can prove detrimental in case of a severe illness.

You can buy ICICI Lombard's health insurance for your entire family from the comforts of your home. All you need to do is complete health insurance and enter your necessary details to get health insurance quotes. If you wish to purchase the policy, you can pay the premium online using your debit/credit card or net banking facility.

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