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Get cashless approval within 4 hours* with ICICI Lombard’s ​Complete ​Health ​Insurancemsg

With ICICI Lombard’s Complete Health Insurance policy, you are assured cashless approval within 4 hours. This lets you avail timely medical services without worrying about the finances, at any of our 4500+ network hospitals.

7 reasons to buy ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance

  • member

    Enjoy tax benefits


    Enjoy tax deduction benefits on the premium amount paid for yourself, spouse and dependent children

  • member

    Secure wellness, health and maternity expenses


    Add-on cover for Outpatient Treatment, Wellness and Preventive Healthcare, and Maternity Benefit

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    Get free value-added services


    In addition to coverage benefits of your policy, you also get access to an online chat with a doctor, free health check-ups and e-consultations to help you stay fit and healthy

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    Secure health costs for as long as you live


    With our lifetime renewal facility, there is no upper age limit to your policy. Continue to renew it and stay protected from medical expenses

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    Now reset your sum insured up to 100%


    Once in a policy year, your sum insured amount will be reset up to 100%

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    Get cover for alternative therapies with AYUSH


    Get covered for Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) treatment while you are hospitalised

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    We guarantee on time claim service


    Get a quick response: for cashless claims in 4 hours and reimbursement claims in 14 days


Cashless Hospitalisation Facility For Your Health Insurance Claim

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Tips for Healthy Balanced Diet


Why ​Do ​You ​Need ​Critical ​Illness ​Insurance?

Medication and treatment costs for critical illnesses can be huge; however, a bit of prudent planning helps.

See More

Understand your Complete Health Insurance policy coverage

Your policy covers:

  • Medical expenses incurred during hospitalisation for more than 24 hours, including room charges, doctor/surgeon’s fee, medicine bills, etc.
  • Medical expenses incurred 30 days prior and 60 days post hospitalisation
  • Day-care expenses for advanced, technological medical surgeries and procedures requiring less than 24 hours of hospitalisation (including dialysis, radiotherapy and chemotherapy)
  • Pre-existing diseases, but after 2 years / 4 years of continuous coverage with the Company*
  • Life Long Renewability: The policy provides life - long renewal
  • Floater Benefit: Floater cover to get family (self, spouse, dependent parents, dependent children, brothers and sisters) covered for the same sum insured under a single policy by paying one premium amount. Any individual above 3 months of age can be covered under the policy provided 1 adult is also covered under the same policy
  • Additional Sum Insured: An Additional Sum Insured of 10% of Annual sum insured provided on each renewal for every claim free year up to a maximum of 50%. In case of a claim under the policy, the accumulated Additional Sum Insured will be reduced by 10% of the Annual Sum Insured in the following year
  • Policy period: Option of choosing 1 or 2 year policy period under various plans offered
  • Cashless Hospitalisation: Avail cashless hospitalisation at any of our network providers / hospitals. A list of these hospitals / providers is available on our website
  • Free Health Check - up: The customer is entitled for a Free Health Check - up at designated centers. The coupons would be provided to each Insured for every policy year, subject to a maximum of 2 coupons per year for floater policies
  • Tax Benefit: Avail tax deduction on premium paid under health insurance policy as per applicable provisions of Section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961 and amendments made there to
  • Pre - Policy Medical Check - up: No medical tests will be required for insurance cover below the age of 46 years and Sum Insured up to `10 Lakhs
  • Free Look Period: Policy can be cancelled by giving written notice within 15 days of receiving the policy
  • Reset benefit: We will reset up to 100% of the Sum Insured once in a policy year in case the sum insured including accrued additional Sum Insured (if any) is insufficient as a result of previous claims in that policy year
  • In Patient AYUSH Treatment: Expenses for Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) treatment only when it has been undergone in a government hospital or in any institute recognised by the government and / or accredited by Quality Council of India / National Accreditation Board on Health
  • Emergency Ambulance Cover: Reimbursement up to `1,500 per hospitalisation for reasonable expenses incurred on availing an ambulance service offered by a hospital / ambulance service provider in an emergency condition
  • Wellness Program: Our wellness program intends to promote, incentivise and reward you for your healthy behavior through various wellness services. All the activities as mentioned in the desired section help you earn wellness points which will be tracked by us

Optional add-on covers:

Optional Cover 1

Sum Insured(`)   3 lacs/ 4 lacs/5 lacs 7 lacs/ 10 lacs
Hospital Daily Cash `1,000 per day `2,000 per day

Hospital Daily Cash: A certain amount (as per the plan chosen) will be paid for each and every completed day of hospitalisation, if such hospitalisation is atleast for a minimum of 3 consecutive days and subject to maximum of 10 consecutive days.

Convalescence Benefit: A benefit amount of `10,000 per insured once during the policy period will be paid in case of hospitalisation arising out of any injury or illness as covered under the policy, for a period of consecutive 10 days or more.

Optional Cover 2

Outpatient Treatment Cover: Reimbursement for the medical expenses incurred as an Outpatient (OPD).

Maternity Benefit: Reimbursement for medical expenses incurred for delivery, including a cesarean section, during hospitalisation or lawful medical termination of pregnancy during the policy period. The waiting period for maternity cover is 3 years. The cover shall be limited to 2 deliveries / terminations during the period of insurance. Pre - natal and Post - natal expenses shall be covered under this benefit. This cover is applicable only for floater plan having Self and Spouse in the same policy.

New Born Baby Cover: The new born child can be covered under this policy during hospitalisation for a maximum period upto 91 days from the date of birth of the child. This cover will be provided only if maternity cover is opted.

Wellness and Preventive Healthcare: All the expenses pertaining to routine health check - ups and for other wellness and fitness activities taken by you will be reimbursed.

Optional Cover 3

Critical Illness Cover: The customer can opt for Critical Illness Cover covering specified Critical Illnesses / medical procedures like Cancer of Specified Severity, First Heart Attack - of Specified Severity, Open Chest Cabg, Stroke Resulting in Permanent Symptoms, Permanent Paralysis of Limbs, Kidney Failure Requiring Regular Dialysis, Major Organ / Bone Marrow Transplant, Multiple Sclerosis with Persisting Symptoms, Open Heart Replacement or Repair of Heart Valves, Coma of specified severity. A benefit amount is paid up on the diagnosis of the chosen critical illness.

Donor Expenses: Reimbursement up to `50,000 for such medical expenses as incurred by the organ donor for undergoing any organ transplant surgery for your use.

*Conditions apply

Voluntary Deductible

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Policy, it is hereby expressed and agreed that You have voluntarily opted for a Deductible, as specifically appearing in the Policy Schedule, in consideration for a reduction in premium amount payable for this Policy.

Deductible will be applicable for each and every Claim during the Policy Year before it becomes payable by Us under the Policy. Subject otherwise to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the Policy.

Refer to the Policy Wordings document to understand exactly what all your policy covers, so you can benefit from it better.

Your policy does not cover:

  • An illness that you contract within 30 days of the starting date of your policy, except those that are incurred as a result of an accident. This clause is not applicable on the subsequent renewals.

For the first 2 years, some diseases like cataract, hernia, stone in the urinary system and others will not be covered.

Exclusions valid for the first 2 years

Treatment of the following diseases/illness/ailments

  • Cataract #
  • Benign prostatic hypertrophy
  • Myomectomy, hysterectomy unless because of malignancy
  • Hernia and hydrocele
  • Fissures and/or fistula in anus, hemorrhoids/piles
  • Joint replacement, unless due to accident
  • Sinusitis and related disorders
  • Stone in the urinary and biliary systems
  • Dilatation and curettage, endometriosis
  • All types of skin and all internal tumours/cysts/nodules/polyps of any kind, including breast lumps, unless malignant
  • Dialysis required for chronic renal failure
  • Surgery on tonsils, adenoids and sinuses
  • Gastric and duodenal erosions and ulcers
  • Deviated nasal septum
  • Varicose veins/varicose ulcers

If the policy is renewed with us for two consecutive years, the above diseases / illness / ailments will be covered from the third year.

# Any claim for cataract treatment shall not exceed ` 20,000 per eye, during each policy year after 2 years from the policy start date.

## 4 years for sum insured up to ` 2 lakhs.

Pre-existing diseases, non-allopathic treatments and some other expenses are permanently excluded from being covered.

Permanent exclusions

  • Any illness/ disease/ injury/ pre-existing disease before the inception of the policy. However, this exclusion ceases to apply if the policy is renewed with the company for two consecutive years for sum insured of `3, 4, 5, 7, 10 lakhs and ` 2 lakhs if the policy is renewed for 4 consecutive years
  • Non-allopathic treatment, pregnancy and childbirth related complications, cosmetic, aesthetic and obesity related treatment
  • Expenses arising from HIV or AIDS and related diseases, use or misuse of liquor, intoxicating substances or drugs as well as intentional self-injury
  • War, civil war or breach of law
  • Naturopathy treatment, acupressure, acupuncture, magnetic and other such therapies
  • Treatment taken outside the country
  • Any expenses arising out of domiciliary treatment

It’s always a good idea to be aware of what is excluded from your policy; so make sure you read the Policy Wordings

Check your eligibility for Complete Health Insurance

  • If you are above 18 years of age, you can buy the Complete Health Insurance policy for yourself and your family members, children and parents
  • If you want your child to be covered under the family floater, your child should be more than 3 months of age and in case you are buying an individual policy for your child, he or she should be more than 6 years of age
  • A policy bought to cover children aged between 3 months to 5 years, should necessarily cover at least one adult too
  • Children have to be more than 91 days old to be eligible for the policy
  • If you are buying the policy for an individual who is more than 46 years of age, he or she will need to undergo a medical test at our designated diagnostic centres
  • You can avail income tax benefits under Section 80D, only on policies bought for self, spouse, parents and dependent children

Explore our simple, hassle-free claims process

Cashless Claims

Reimbursement Claims

Other Third Party Administrator Claims – Cashless

Other Third Party Administrator Claims – Reimbursement

  • NOTE:

    • Cashless ​facility is only available at our cashless network hospitals
    • In case of ​planned ​hospitalisation, contact your service provider two days prior to admission
    • In case of ​emergency ​hospitalisation, contact your service provider within 24 hours of hospitalisation
    • For intimating the claim, please call our 24x7 toll free number 1800 2666 or SMS ‘HEALTHCLAIM’ to 575758 (charge – `3 per SMS) or email us at
    • Please send the relevant documents to: ICICI Lombard Health Care, ICICI Bank ​Tower, Plot No. 12, Financial District, Nanakramguda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500 032

    Get answers to common queries about complete health insurance

    • COVER
    • CLAIMS
    • POLICY
    quest img

    What do you mean by annual sum insured?

    The annual (basic) sum insured is the maximum amount that an insurance company will pay you, according to the insurance contract, in the event of a claim.

    quest img

    What do you mean by waiting period?

    The duration only after which a claim can be made is called the waiting period. 

    quest img

    If I increase my policy Sum Insured at the time of renewal, do any waiting periods apply?

    Yes, waiting periods will be applicable afresh in relation to the amount by which the Sum Insured has been enhanced.

    quest img

    What do you mean by pre-existing disease?

    Any condition, aliment or injury or related condition(s), for which you had signs or symptoms and/or were diagnosed and/or received medical advice/treatment within 48/24* months prior to the first policy with the insurance company is called a pre-existing disease. (*as per selected plan) 

    quest img

    What are the covers offered under Basic Hospitalisation?

    It refers to payment of the in-patient hospitalisation expenses such as boarding and nursing expenses, intensive care unit charges, surgeon’s/doctor’s fee, anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges etc. that you would incur during hospitalisation for a minimum period of 24 consecutive hours.

    quest img

    What are the covers offered under Day Care Surgeries/Treatments?

    It refers to payment of the Medical Expenses that you would incur while undergoing Specified Day Care Procedures/Treatment (as mentioned in the Day Care Surgeries list), which require less than 24 hours hospitalisation.

    quest img

    What are the covers offered under Pre and Post Hospitalisation Expenses?

    It refers to payment of the Medical Expenses that you might incur immediately 30 days before and 60 days after hospitalisation.

    quest img

    What are the covers offered under Critical Illness?

    It refers to payment of a fixed amount (up to Sum Insured) upon diagnosis of covered major illnesses and mentioned medical procedures.

    Covers offered under critical illness/medical procedures are Cancer, Coronary, Artery By-pass graft surgery, Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack), End Stage Renal Failure, Major Organ Transplant, Stroke, Paralysis, Heart Valve Replacement Surgery and Kidney failure.

    quest img

    What parameters are considered for calculating the premium?

    Cover opted (Individual / Floater)
    Age of senior most member
    Sum Insured selected
    Sub limit (if selected)
    Optional covers (add-ons chosen)

    quest img

    What is the procedure for reimbursement settlement?

    All the claims have to be intimated 48 hours prior to hospitalisation and within 24 hours post admission in case of emergency

    • Intimate claim by sending SMS 'HEALTHCLAIM' to 575758 (charge – 3 per SMS) or calling our toll free number 18002666 or email us at
    • Send your duly filled (and signed by you as well as your treating doctor) claim form and required documents to us
    • We will review your claim request (as per policy terms and conditions)
    • On approval, we will settle your claim (as per policy terms and conditions) and reimburse the approved amount to you

    quest img

    What is the process for claim?

    The claim process involves 3 steps
    • Claim Intimation
    • Claim Processing
    • Claim Payment/Closure

    Claim can be intimated through various modes:
    • Call Center
    • Walk in
    • E-mail
    • Fax
    • Letter
    • SMS

    quest img

    What are the steps for cash settlement

    Only available at network hospitals. Pre-authorisation request to be made at least 48 hours before a planned hospitalisation and within 24 hours of emergency hospitalisation Steps involved
    • Admission in network hospital
    • Fax the pre-authorisation form along with relevant documents (Investigation reports, Previous consultation papers if any, Cashless ID, Photo ID)
    • We review your claim request (as per policy terms and conditions)
    • On approval, we settle your claim (as per policy terms and conditions) with the hospital after completion of all formalities

    quest img

    Who should be contacted to make a claim?

    The ICICI Lombard claims management team or customer service should be contacted.

    quest img

    What if I want to renew my health insurance policy after one year?

    We will be sending you a renewal notice informing you of the expiry of your health policy via courier.

    quest img

    What is a Health Card?

    A Health Card is a card that you get along with your policy. It is similar to an identity card. This card entitles you to avail cashless hospitalisation at any of our network hospitals.

    quest img

    How does a Health Card function in case of a 2-year (auto renewal) policy?

    In case of a 2-year (auto renewal) policy, you will be issued a single card, which will be valid for the entire policy period. The health card need not be renewed or re-issued during the policy tenure.

    quest img

    What are the benefits of a health card?

    A health card mentions the contact details and the contact numbers of the Third Party Administrator (TPA). In case of a medical emergency, you can call on these numbers for queries, clarifications and for seeking any kind of assistance.

    Moreover, you need to display your health card at the time of admission into the hospital.

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    1. subhash gulati | Sep 07, 2016
      I renewed my complete health insurance policy this year and the entire renewal of policy process was easy and swift. Kudos to ICICI Lombard!!
    2. Adarsh Fernandes | Apr 15, 2016
      The team was very good at giving information, they knew what they were saying. When in doubt they clarified with their manager and explained me. I am satisfied with the product, I will go for it by end of this month. Thank you team, what impressed me was they were not in hurry while explaining me about the product. They were very helpful.
    3. Saminathan Shanmugam | Apr 14, 2016
      I took complete health insurance policy for myself and my family from your team. They explained everything and guided very well.
    4. Parameswaran Sreekumaran Nair | Apr 14, 2016
      The team has explained all the information in detail and I am very happy about the way the policy is taken. Thanks.
    5. Bhagat Rai | Apr 13, 2016
      It was great experience taking this policy, I have got all the details from your team and all my doubts have been cleared. Thank you very much for your help! The last help I need is I want the hard copy of my policy on time to my mailing address. Thanks.
    6. Sreevidya Chandran | Apr 13, 2016
      The team assisted me in the purchase of my health insurance. They did a good job and ensured that all system based hurdles were taken care of. I could therefore purchase my policy on time.
    7. William Dsouza | Apr 12, 2016
      Excellent : Most of the information was shared by the team on various types of complete health insurance policies. Keep it going like that.
    8. Santosh Kumar Singh | Apr 10, 2016
      I was facing some issue while updating my old address before getting my policy renewed. Your team was very helpful to get my address updated and helping me to renew my existing policy. Thanks once again for your support.
    9. Nisarg Pramodbhai Patel | Apr 09, 2016
      Very good response, proper guidance and quick service in a humble way by your team. Thanks and appreciated their service. They are dedicated to company by making sure they convince the customer in a proper way.
    10. Devendra Saptarshi | Apr 09, 2016
      Thank you for providing assistance in taking a complete health plan. Your team provided me complete details of the plan and benefits of the policy very clearly. Special thanks and best of luck to them. Thank you ICICI Lombard.
    11. Natasha Lopez | Apr 08, 2016
      The team was of great help and explained the entire policy to me in detail which I have purchased from my other login They also helped me with correcting the profile details in my id. They are indeed a very hardworking and helpful unit. I would like to wish them the very best.
    12. Sanchit Seth | Apr 07, 2016
      Spoke to the concerned team for the purchase of my health insurance and was very well satisfied with their response. Now I am confident and planning to buy my health insurance. Thanks to the team for their tremendous effort. Looking forward to stay in contact with them further.
    13. Rohit Salian | Apr 06, 2016
      I was looking for a policy for which I got a call from your representative. She gave me clear and complete details regarding the policy. Overall it was an excellent experience.
    14. Kamlesh Kumari | Apr 05, 2016
      Hi, I would like to thank ICICI Lombard and the health team for proper guidance and support towards selecting a mediclaim insurance policy for my family. They were really helpful in every aspect.
    15. Aditya Sharma | Apr 03, 2016
      Your team was very helpful to me. As I was a new customer I had a lot of questions, still they were very patient and cleared all my doubts. I really appreciate their help. Keep up the good work.
    16. Rajesh Shah | Apr 02, 2016
      It was so nice to call to your team. They gave me a lot of information about health insurance and I was happy about it. Thanks ICICI Lombard team.
    17. Beena Sawant | Apr 01, 2016
      I am very satisfied with the explanation by your customer care team. Since I was not much aware of insurance policies and how to select one, the team explained that to me very patiently. Thanks.
    18. Ravi Mittal | Mar 31, 2016
      I am not satisfied with your claim services. I have applied for the TPA from eye hospital regarding cashless eye surgery which has not been cleared by your department. I have submitted all the documents in this regard but I did not get any satisfactory answer from your side.
    19. Srikanth Reddy | Mar 28, 2016
      I have spoken with your team and it was good talking to them. They explained the policy very well and solved all my doubts about the policy and helped me renew it in quick time.
    20. Aneesh Bhatnagar | Mar 25, 2016
      The team has been patient with my queries and helped in resolving concerns around buying health insurance policy from ICICI Lombard. They are knowledgable and highlighted exclusions which helped me in taking a decision on buying policy. Their transparency and knowledge is one of the factors I chose ICICI Lombard. Thanks.
    21. Hara Natha Reddy D. | Mar 22, 2016
      Your team helped us a lot, convey thanks to them. Your systems are creating issues, even though the call center team corrected address as I could not from my side, I got a soft copy for my renewed complete health insurance policy with old address. Had to call customer care. Please allow us to make changes from our side only.
    22. Kameswar Rao Gogisetty | Mar 18, 2016
      Hi, Your team has helped me a lot and did a good follow up with me on buying the Complete Health Insurance Policy. They have been patient enough to explain everything in detail about the policy. They were very knowledgeable about the policies. I appreciate their timeliness and wish them good luck. It is very good for the organisation to have such a team.
    23. Kiran Reddy | Mar 16, 2016
      Very thankful to your team, they co-ordinated with me very nicely. They were helpful throughout the process of understanding and buying a complete health insurance policy for me and my family. Thank you all.
    24. Vinay Gowda | Mar 15, 2016
      My feedback is not about any claims or insurances, but about the call support you have. Do you have Kannada speaking candidates in your entire call center? If not why? Please have Kannada speaking executives.
    25. Dipayan Paul | Mar 12, 2016
      Spoke with the health team and they gave the product details in very minute manner. It was very helpful indeed in taking a decision regarding health care insurance.
    26. Sharad Tiwari | Mar 10, 2016
      I had good discussion with your team. They explained the policy benefits in detailed manner, unlike many other people who hide many features just to expedite sale. They were polite and upto date with policy features and benefits.
    27. Kiran Shukla | Mar 09, 2016
      Good product knowledge displayed by the team and they were very polite while talking and very helpful.
    28. Sumesh Nair | Mar 06, 2016
      Very good to interact with your health team. Excellent support and made me purchase a health insurance policy with less effort and in short time. Thank you.
    29. Amit Setia | Mar 03, 2016
      It was nice experience on the website. Researching about health insurance plans on your website made me realise that there is a lot more to health insurance than meets the eye. Good job with the content.
    30. R. Vijayan | Mar 01, 2016
      My wife Prema Vijayan's health insurance policy has not been updated in your system for the last 2 years. I am unable to renew the same online. Please let me know if I can renew it within the next week. Not pleased with this experience.
    31. Ashok Kumar Agarwal | Feb 29, 2016
      The chat was satisfactory but could not get complete information as asked. The simple answer I got that an expert will call me back. Waiting for the call.
    32. Kiran Varma | Feb 25, 2016
      The team from ICICI Lombard assisted me in getting my health insurance renewed. A very patient and smart team of yours, with a helping attitude. Thanks a lot.
    33. Thomas Baby K. | Feb 22, 2016
      Service is extremely good. The team helped me to renew my policy without any issue and I would rate their service as very good and give them five stars.
    34. Jagan Mohan Singanamalla | Feb 19, 2016
      The team has helped me to renew my wife's health policy online. They had excellent understanding on the portal and have lot of patience to guide the customer.
    35. Sam Ben Samuel | Feb 17, 2016
      I was little reluctant to buy this online but the team at ICICI Lombard was very convincing, professional and helpful to assist me with the step by step process. It was done really fast and without any hassles. Thanks and keep up the good work.
    36. Surendran Baskar | Feb 15, 2016
      The team was able to solve all my queries related to the complete health insurance product. They were very knowledgeable and kept the customer interests in mind. I am satisfied with the benefits your product offers.
    37. Vimal Kumar | Feb 10, 2016
      Good service provided by the health team for my queries. It has made me more confident to finally purchase my health policy online.
    38. Mainak Mitra | Feb 06, 2016
      Recently spoke with customer service team on account of a health insurance policy. They were very polite and helpful. They helped me by answering all the questions I had related to health policy. Thank you
    39. Atish Prusty | Feb 03, 2016
      Thank you so much for excellent follow up, clearing all the doubts which helped me to understand the policy in detail. Really appreciate. Long way to go.
    40. Anvesh Kumar Gali | Feb 01, 2016
      Thanks for the information shared by your team for the queries I had for my health insurance policy. Thanks once again for the great support.
    41. Saurabh Modi | Jan 26, 2016
      For the entire team, I would like to say a big thank you. It always is a great experience with ICICI Lombard for any kind of insurance policy.
    42. Amol Lendal | Jan 22, 2016
      I got all details about the various health insurance policies you offer from your health team. I am satisfied with information given to me.
    43. Antony Jayakumar | Jan 18, 2016
      My policy # 4128i/iH/97842650/00/000, I managed to renew one of my policy but I could not renew my another policy which is expiring today. There was an error coming up. Please rectify immediately.
    44. Krishnan Gopalan | Jan 15, 2016
      Excellent and patient feedback from your executive team, making it a good and professional experience. Keep it up.
    45. Sanketh Gupta | Jan 14, 2016
      It was an excellent experience and the customer service executive was very informative, proactive and reliable. Thanks
    46. Tarun Chaudhary | Jan 10, 2016
      Very good experience. 10 out of 10 for them. They were very thorough, very descriptive and patient. Way to go.
    47. Vignesan Ganesan | Jan 07, 2016
      Nice guidance and the policy was explained well by the team. They offered excellent customer commitment. However, due to delay in email from ICICI Lombard I was a bit disappointed . Once again heartful thanks.
    48. Rupesh Kumar Malladi | Jan 05, 2016
      Very good and excellent response. Keep it up. Your executive explained each and every thing very correctly. Thank you.
    49. Mahesh Burange | Jan 03, 2016
      Call with your team was helpful to get all required details before buying this policy. Thanks.
    50. Balu Narawade | Jan 02, 2016
      The feedback for your team is good. They were very helpful in every way and helped me in research phase as well as the purchase phase of the policy. Thank you for your help.
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