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Harmful Effects of Junk Food Consumption: All You Need to Know

Junk foods can hamper your development and may eventually make your brain weak and non-functional

  • 01 Mar 2018
  • 4 min read

Junk foods can be a treat to the taste buds, but their ill effects are widely known. Consuming them regularly can have adverse effects on your health and may cause irreparable damage to the body. Scientific research has shown that junk food, foods with added sugar, and processed foods, can make you prone to type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. These foods can eventually make your brain weak and non-functional.

Eating junk food affects both your physical and mental health. Let’s deep dive into some details of junk foods and their harmful effects.

What are junk foods?

Any food with zero or negligible nutritional value, high in fat and trans fat content, can be termed junk food. Most fast foods, including candy, soft drinks, bakery products, burgers, along with salty and oily foods, can be termed junk food. They are high in calories, salts, and fats, and are usually low in vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional contents. The more we consume these foods, instead of healthier and nutritional options, the less will be the intake of essential nutrients and vitamins needed by the body.

Consumption of junk food can lead to a lot of health problems. Let’s look at a few of the harmful effects of junk food.


One of the major harmful effects of junk foods from your favourite fast food restaurants is obesity and its related health complications. The excessive sugar, calories, and fats present in junk foods contribute to weight gain. Obesity can lead to many medical issues, such as diabetes, joint pain, and heart diseases.


Junk foods are loaded with sugar and fats that can cause certain chemical reactions in the brain, affecting its functioning. The body may lose essential nutrients and amino acids by consuming too much of them. These symptoms can eventually lead to the inability of the brain to deal with stress and can leave you feeling depressed.

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Loss of memory and learning problems

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated that people who ate junk food performed poorly on cognitive tests. It concluded that junk foods can deteriorate your memory and leave you with a weaker brain. These foods may lead to sudden inflammation in the hippocampus of the brain that is responsible for memory and recognition.

Worsens appetite and digestion

Consumption of excess junk food may leave the brain in a dilemma. Excessive sugar intake can cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate and make the brain demand more food, eventually leading to overeating. This can make it difficult for the body to digest excessive junk food.

Inadequate growth & development

The deficiency of nutrients and vitamins is one of the many bad effects of junk food. Nutrients and vitamins are essential for the proper growth and development of the body. Unhealthy eating habits, even if they involve consuming junk food in small amounts, combined with an imbalance of fatty acids and the need for nutrients, can hamper the development of your brain and other body parts. Excess soda and sugar intake can also lead to tooth decay and the weakening of bones.

Give a thought to these harmful effects of junk foods before you get into the habit of consuming them. While there is no substitute for proper eating habits and the intake of nutrient-rich food, it would be prudent to arm yourself with a health insurance policy. Why? Well, a health insurance policy can help provide financial coverage against any medical emergency caused by diseases and maladies. Even if you do maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, a health insurance policy can be a backup for any unfortunate medical incidents or complications.

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