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Fitness & Wellness Apps for Better Health

Get your daily dose of exercise motivation with these fitness and wellness apps. Download them and live life in the fitness lane!

  • 18 Mar 2017
  • min read

By motivating us to do the best we can, even when we don’t feel like it

Fitness is something that all of us want, but few are willing to strive for. Sometimes what most of us really need is some motivation to get things going. This is where fitness and wellness apps come in to the picture. Since we are always near to our phone or tablet, they form an ideal platform to get us motivated and running on the health trail. Here we note down some of the finest apps that help you exercise, eat, relax and sleep for a harmonious wellness experience.


This free app available for both Android and iOS devices, makes use of your smartphone’s GPS system to help you create running/biking routes near you. Once done with that, it will also give you accurate information about your cycling speed, running pace, and calories burned – all in real time. This app motivates you to lose weight and is apt for all skill levels, right from 5k to a full marathon. Not only that, it can even integrate into your phone’s music app to get you moving to your favourite tunes.


Again, a free app for Android and iOS. This one lets you break the monotony of routine workouts for something more adventurous. This is essentially a mobile community for backcountry adventurers and backyard explorers that make you aware of various locations ideal for activities such as hiking, climbing, biking, and skiing. The thing different here is that you can find images, and even videos, about locations that have been top-rated by community members, with their take on it. Yonder is one app that will really inspire you to strap your shoes and get out of the house.


You might already have this one. This music streaming app has a feature called Spotify Running, which lets you select from a mix of popular songs to originals created exclusively for running. The beauty of this app is that, once you start running it automatically detects your pace and adjusts the music according to your tempo, egging you on to go faster. It can also work with RunKeeper, so that you can track your run while matching your steps to the beat.

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After all the action from the apps above, a little relaxation is in order. Calm lets you do just that with 10 nature scenes and 16 calm-inducing instrumental tracks. It comes equipped with breathing exercises and guided meditation sessions that are available for durations ranging from 3 to 25 minutes. At the end of it all, you can track your progress with daily streaks and time spent meditating.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep is just as important as exercise and activity. This app lets you enjoy a deep sleep without waking up feeling groggy in the morning. It uses the accelerometer on your phone to monitor your movement during sleep, and wakes you up at the optimal time – that is when your sleep is in its lightest phase. This results in you waking up feeling rested and willing to get out of bed.

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