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How to Stay in Shape During Winter?

December 06 2016
Stay in Shape During Winter?

A list of activities to stay in shape during winter

Just because it is cold and dark out, it shouldn't stop you from continuing the workout regime that you developed by working extremely hard over the summer. A month-long break during winter is enough to spoil your shape and gain those extra kilos.

Instead of staying indoor, try winterizing your body to stay physically and mentally fit. Here are a few strategies to keep yourself fit and stay in shape this winter:

Walk an Extra Mile

Walking outside in the cold might sound stupid but that doesn't mean there aren't other ways to cover an extra mile. Use stairs instead of elevators, park your car a bit farther from your building and hit the mall even if you don't want to buy anything.

Walking is the easiest thing to do and requires no equipment. You can burn extra calories, improve blood flow and boost your heart and lungs. It is also a great stress and anxiety reducer.

Join Dance Classes

Whether it's Zumba, Salsa or Classical, you will burn enough calories while dancing. But that's just the one aspect, you will also learn balance and coordination plus some exciting moves that you can use at your next party or wedding.

Ask your friends to accompany you and join a local dance group. A group of like-minded people will create an excitement and maintain your interest for a longer time. Set common goals to encourage friendly competition.

Soak in the Winter Sun

Our circadian rhythm is largely modulated by sunlight and the sunlight in winter reduces to 7-8 hours a day. Complicating the things further, most of it is lost in daily work leaving us with cold and dark evenings.

Knowing that you will have a limited access to sunlight, you need to utilise it to the maximum. Take short breaks from your work to an open cafeteria, utilise weekends for a family picnic in an open garden and spend time on your terrace.

Play Indoor Sports

Indoor sports are a great way to keep you in good shape. Try to play games like badminton, squash, volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, or exergames. Some places even have indoor game leagues. Playing indoor leagues will allow you to interact with health-oriented people who can take the game outdoors once the winter ends. Besides, you may find a new talent or a hobby that you can continue for the rest of your life.

Get Outside And Stay Active

All the fun events of spring and summer are always outside, but the world seems to hibernate during the winter. Find equivalent activities for winter and reduce your urge to sleep.

Try to find an activity that will take you outside and keep you active, preferably during the daytime so that you can soak in some winter sun as well. Go skiing, take up gardening, take your pet for a walk, and motivate your friends and family to get outside.

The best way to stay in shape during winter is to treat it like summer or spring and continue your fitness regime. Get outside, engage with people and participate in a wellness program. If you are still looking for a motivation, a health insurance program that promotes rewards wellness activities will ensure you get out of your bed and stay active.

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