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ICICI Lombard's Health Insurance Claim Ratio

ICICI Lombard is noted for its instant coverage and speedy claim settlement process. With a health insurance claim settlement ratio of 99.7%, ICICI Lombard is one of the best insurance providers in the medical insurance industry.

  • 10 Jan 2023
  • 3 min read


A medical emergency can be a frightening situation. It not only renders you unable to work for the duration of your hospitalisation but makes it difficult to pay the treatment bills. To protect yourself and your loved ones from such occurrences, purchase comprehensive health insurance. The policy covers in-patient care, ICU expenses, pre and post-hospitalisation charges, consultation fees, and more. But, your health insurance will be useful only if your insurer has a streamlined claim process and high claim settlement ratio

When purchasing medical insurance for yourself or a loved one, always check the list of network hospitals provided by the insurer. Check to see if you can file your claim online or if the sole option is to visit the insurer with a stack of documents and wait for days for your bill to be reimbursed.

ICICI Lombard health insurance claim process

ICICI Lombard is noted for its instant coverage and speedy claim settlement process. With a settlement ratio of 99.7%, ICICI Lombard is one of the best insurance providers in the medical insurance industry. You can file a claim with ICICI Lombard by following these three simple steps:

  • Initiate

Contact our claim executives as soon as a medical emergency occurs by dialling 1800 2666. You can also request via the IL Take Care App.

  • Verification

Our claims team will verify the medical documents you shared. If everything checks out, your request will be processed further. 

  • Tracking

You can track the real-time claim status with just a few clicks on your mobile device.

Claim procedure for cashless hospitalisation

ICICI Lombard has over 6700+ network hospitals across India, reducing your financial burden during the medical crisis.

  • Visit the nearest network hospital. Keep a list of network hospitals handy to avoid the last-minute hassle.
  • Go to the health desk counter and show the third-party administrator (TPA) your health card.
  • TPA will complete the pre-authorisation request application and submit it on your behalf to the ICICI Lombard claim team.
  • The claim executives will review the request form and verify the medical reports before approving the request.
  • Once the request is approved, you can avail of treatment for free. 
  • Post-treatment, the bills will be settled directly with the hospital.

Note: If the cashless claim is rejected due to missing information or another insignificant reason, you must pay the bills from your pocket before filing the reimbursement claim.

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Claim procedure for hospitalisation expenses reimbursement

You must first review the policy wording before submitting a reimbursement claim to ensure your medical condition is covered by the insurance policy. Once confirmed, proceed with the steps below:

  • Soon after you are released from the hospital, collect all invoices, discharge letters, and medical screening reports.
  • Fill out the claim form and upload the documents online. 
  • The ICICI Lombard claim team will verify your information. If your details are genuine, your claim will be settled within the next 15 days.
  • The reimbursement amount will be determined after taking the co-pay clause into account.

Steps to check ICICI Lombard health insurance plan claim status

Dial the toll-free number to connect with the support executive team and check the claim status. You can also track the status through IL Take Care App. Here’s how. 

  • Download IL Take Care App from the PlayStore
  • On the application's home page, select claims
  • Next, enter your policy number
  • Click on "Track your claims"
  • Choose your claim number and click submit
  • Your screen will display the results

Another way to check your status is through WhatsApp. Simply click the WhatsApp icon on the ICICI Lombard website, raise your query, and you will be given the necessary information.

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