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Things to Know Before Getting Yourself Inked

Before you get inked, know about the process of tattooing, the preparations you need to make and the healing and maintenance requirements post-tattoo.

  • 19 Mar 2019
  • min read

The history of getting tattooed goes into the deep past of early divisions of Stone Age. However, in recent times, tattooing has become increasingly popular and has unfurled itself across professionals, genders, different economic classes, and various age groups.

For some, getting inked is a fashion statement, for some, it’s a source of inspiration and for some, it’s a way to express their love and ideology, while for others it’s a creative art. No matter what your purpose is, it’s important to be well informed of the process and be adequately prepared before going under the needle to avoid its ill effects on your body.

Here we’ve compiled a list of points that you should keep in mind before getting yourself inked:

Be sure about your decision

It’s imperative for you to be certain about your decision. Understand that tattoos are somewhat permanent in nature. Yes, they can be removed using laser treatment, but that’s a long and expensive process. In case of large and detailed tattoos, getting them off can be too frustrating. Also, keep in mind that with time, the color of the tattoo will fade, and its shape may also change owing to the changing folds of your skin with growing age.

Know how it will affect your body

The tattoo is created using a needle that ruptures your skin and deposit the tattoo ink at the point of rupture. The puncture goes beyond the epidermis, for the ink to stay. The needle reaches the dermis where it meets with the nerves and blood vessels. The ink used for tattooing is not exclusively made for the human skin.

Also, it has been found that over the time, these pigments can assimilate in the liver through blood. Hence, before getting inked, be sure about your body will react to such foreign particles.

Know your pain tolerance

As mentioned above, tattoo needle penetrates deep into your skin to deposit the ink beyond the epidermis. Be informed that this can be a painful process. Hence, before you get under the needle, be aware of your ability to bear such pain and for how long you can sustain it, so as not to abandon the process in between, which may make it look ugly.

Get a cost estimation

Do not go after the cheaper options while getting yourself tattooed. It’s better to shell out few bucks from your pocket now rather than getting your skin infected with inferior quality inks and regret later. Also, ask the tattoo artist about the healing process and the maintenance costs post-tattoo. Before starting with the process, make sure you have a fair idea about the total amount of money that you would have to spend during the whole process.

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When to get inked

After gifting yourself a beautiful tattoo, you will have to protect the inked part of your skin from getting exposed to direct sunlight and water for a few days. It’s better to avoid getting a tattoo during summer as you sweat a lot during this season or if you have a planned beach holiday in near future. Before you get inked, review your schedule and make sure it’s in sync with all the aspects of the process.

Check the law and your employer policies

Different countries have different rules on tattoos. Be acquainted with the related local laws, such as the minimum age for getting a tattoo. In many countries, there is a specified restriction on tattoos for government job applicants. Search and evaluate all such information before getting yourself inked.

Also, if you’re a private company employee, cross check with your boss or HR manager if there are any rules or restrictions for the employees regarding tattoos. Obviously, you would not want to compromise on your career choices for the sake of a tattoo.

Right before you get inked

After you have decided on the design, timing, artist, and the body part where you want to get a tattoo, follow these tips before getting under the needle. Eat a heavy meal, drink a lot of water, and abstain from alcohol consumption the day before your appointment with the tattoo artist. Wear something comfortable which you don’t mind getting stained and do some stretching exercises before going ahead with the procedure.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, it’s also crucial to consult a dermatologist and know about the harmful effects of the ink on your skin and other body-parts. It would be a good idea to arm yourself with a health insurance policy to tackle any medical contingencies that may arrive after the process of tattooing.

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