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Why Dental is Not Covered by Health Insurance

Dental procedures are subject to policy exclusions as they are considered cosmetic procedures.

  • 23 Jan 2023
  • 2 min read


Dental hygiene is essential for overall health. Ignoring your oral health can cause cavities and tooth decay. For example, if you ignore dental plaque and do not visit your dentist to have it removed from your tooth enamel, you may develop an oral bacterial infection. Dental procedures, like any other medical treatment, can consume a month's or two's salary. Still, in most cases, they are not part of standard health insurance, and there are no riders available to take care of your teeth. Have you ever wondered why dental is not covered by health insurance? To know the answer, read on. 

Why is dental work not included in health insurance?

In India, most insurers cover dental procedures if the need for medical treatment arises as a result of a severe accident. Furthermore, if some oral ailments have become life-threatening, you may be able to settle your related claims if dental procedures are based on the recommendations of registered medical practitioners.

What insurers do not cover are planned dental procedures. These procedures are classified as cosmetic treatments. For example, if you go to your dentist for a dental screening, crowning, extractions, or fillings, any associated claim will be denied.


Dental procedures are subject to policy exclusions as they are considered cosmetic procedures. Even if your insurer provides coverage for this, you should try to understand all the provisions associated with dental-related issues and the claim process.

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