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13 Benefits of Student Medical Insurance

Most of the educational institutions abroad require their students to be covered under the university-provided health insurance plan.

  • 16 Jul 2014
  • 2 min read

Indian students who enroll themselves for studying abroad are also required to avail an on-campus health cover.

The lack of awareness of the availability of student medical insurance plans in India, make many students pay heavy premium for the overseas on-campus health cover. Not only are such insurance plans available at around one-third the price in India, but they are also known to be more comprehensive in coverage.

Student medical insurance plans have been cut out to cover the expenses incurred by students for medical treatments and non-medical contingencies abroad.

Here are 13 benefits that a student medical insurance plan offers:


1. Cashless Hospitalization and In-Patient/Out-Patient Expenses

Expenses incurred to avail medical assistance during sickness or in the event of an accident are covered in the plan. Cost for dental treatment is included. The expenditure can be reimbursed or in case of hospitalization, can be settled in a cashless manner.

2. Relief of Acute Pain for Pre-Existing Diseases

The insurance plan would give financial support to students for relieving of acute pain, through emergency measures, due to any pre-existing medical condition.

3. Mental/Nervous Disorders and Other Special Expenses

Many universities require students to be covered for mental or nervous disorders. The student medical insurance plan not only provides for this, but also covers expenses related to pregnancy, inter-collegiate sport injuries, mammography, cancer screening and childcare benefits.

4. Aid, Treatments and Diagnostic Tests Prescribed by Physician

Medical aids, treatments like radiotherapy or diagnostic tests like x-ray are provided for by the student medical insurance plan.

5. Cost of Transportation to Hospital or Physician

Reimbursement of charges for traveling to the hospital or to the nearest physician is admissible under the plan. The cost of medical care provided before reaching the destination is also provided for.

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6. Transportation Cost to India Along With Cost of Accompanying Person

Expenses for travelling to India for continuance of treatment can be availed under the insurance plan. Depending on necessity, the plan may also include the cost of an accompanying person.

7. 30-Day Cover Period After Reaching India for Continuance of Treatment

Post transportation to India, the student medical insurance plan offers a 30-day cover period for the costs incurred due to any prescribed continued treatment.

8. Cost for Repatriation of Remains or Local Burial/Cremation

In the unfortunate event of death of the student, the medical insurance covers costs related to repatriation of the body or burial/cremation in the foreign country.


9. Loss of Belongings During Travel

Students are compensated for the expenditure incurred due to loss of checked baggage and passport, for e.g., emergency purchases, cost of items lost, etc.

10. Monetary Compensation For Study Interruption

A student may be unable to pursue studies further, due to an eventuality involving hospitalization for more than a month or due to compulsion of returning home because of ailing family members. The insurance plan provides a compensation for such study interruption.

11. Sponsor Protection

If the sponsor passes away, the insurance plan compensates the student towards outstanding tuition fees, thus safeguarding the sponsorship interest.

12. Aid to Facilitate Visits

The insurance plan covers the costs incurred by parents to visit the student in the event of hospitalization for more than 7 days. Likewise, the cost of the student visiting India to meet a sick family member is also covered.

13. Reimbursement of Bail Charges or Third Party Liability Charges

The insurance cover makes a specific provision for meeting bail charges under a circumstance, where the student is detained abroad for committing a bailable offense. Expenses for being legally liable to a third party are also covered under the plan.

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