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4 Super Health Apps for Your iOS and Android Devices

In this blog, we'll explore four outstanding health apps that cater to both iOS and Android users.

  • 05 Jun 2015
  • 3 min read

A visit to the app store of any platform will give you hundreds of health and wellness-related apps. In our earlier article we had shared information about six such useful apps. In this article, we'll take a look at a few more handy apps which are available on both iOS and Android platforms. Don't forget to check out ICICI Lombard's ILTakeCare help with numerous features.


1. GotoAID First Aid

  1. Name of Company:Jaargon Ltd.
    b. Type of App:Paid

How about a database that helps you to overcome medical emergency situations by providing clear and simple stepwise instructions? GotoAID First Aid helps identify the problem from the symptoms and then helps you provide life-saving first aid to people and pets. The database covers more than 400 topics and interactive tools. It also features a "disaster preparedness section." This is an absolute "must- have" for a first-aid novice since it helps the user provide first aid during problems as small as bee stings to complicated and potentially life-threatening ones like a heart attack.


2. Pact- Cash for Living Healthy

  1. Name of Company:Pact Team
    b. Type of App:Free

Set your fitness goals and bet on it! How cool is that?! This app motivates you to set your exercise and healthy eating goals every week. You can manage how much money you want to put on line. Now, go hit a gym or workout at your place and track other people's workouts via GPS. If you achieve your goals, you get paid. The people, who do not achieve their goals, lose money. So you are paid for living healthy!

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3. The Walk- Fitness Tracker Game

  1. Name of Company:Six to Start
    b. Type of App:Paid

A simple pedometer and step counter app, but it creates an exciting story around your walk to "get you in the groove!" There are episodes to choose from before you start your walk. Clues are revealed with every step tracked and the user is motivated to walk a specific distance to reach the eventual destination. So you get your daily dose of walk and you also get to save the world!


4. iTriage Health

  1. Name of Company:iTriage LLC
    b. Type of App:Free

Created by doctors, this app helps you find out what medical condition you might be having depending upon the signs and symptoms your body shows. The app shows potential causes, treatment options and also helps you find qualified doctors in your area. The app has emergency hotlines and advice lines from physicians and doctors. Developers have always been coming up with novel apps to make the life of an average user simpler. It is up to us to always be on the lookout for such exciting apps and personalize our smartphones.

Now, with so many health apps on the market, there's no excuse for not putting yourself on the path to everlasting health and wellness. Also, when it comes to your well-being, consider buying a health insurance for financial security and peace of mind.

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