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5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes, the Natural Way

Mosquitoes spread deadly diseases, but it’s easy to get rid of them with these natural remedies that are safe and cost effective too.

  • 09 May 2018
  • 3 min read

Getting rid of mosquitoes is easier than you think

It’s that time of the year when the war with mosquitoes is about to begin. Mosquitoes might be tiny, but they can cause severe damage - dengue, malaria and several other dangerous diseases. Irritation and itching is a common nuisance and a good night’s sleep becomes uncommon, thanks to these irksome creatures. Using store-bought mosquito repellents and coils isn’t too healthy either.

Mosquitoes don’t attack random targets, they find specific ones depending upon odour and the amount of carbon dioxide breathed out. This list of natural and easy ways to get rid of mosquitoes will mask your odour so that you are left alone.

Neem and Oil mixture

Neem has several benefits and here’s another one – it’s an excellent mosquito repellent. Neem is anti-bacterial, anti-viral as well as anti-fungal. This natural herb has germicide and pesticide properties and is effective in keeping the pesky mosquitoes away. Neem can be mixed with either coconut oil or lavender oil in equal parts. This neem and oil mixture can be applied to your skin.


Tulsi is another popular herb to protect yourself against nasty mosquito bites. The medicinal properties of tulsi are well known and a tulsi plant is often found in homes. The leaves are already used in tea, and now you can use them against mosquitoes. The mere presence of a tulsi plant near the windows and door will keep mosquitoes from entering your house.

Garlic Spray
Forget about mosquito repellent sprays because we have a better one – a garlic spray! The strong smell of garlic is disliked not only by humans but also by mosquitoes. In fact, garlic is highly effective in keeping mosquitoes away. Crush garlic and boil it in water: the resultant mixture can be sprayed in your house to make it a safe haven away from mosquitoes.

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Lemon Grass
Lemon Grass contains citronella. It is a natural chemical that acts as the perfect mosquito repellent. Keep potted plants of lemon grass at the window or door. They provide for a natural mosquito barrier.

Planting rosemary in your house will prove to be highly beneficial. This aromatic herb not only enhances the taste of food but also works as a great mosquito repellent. While the essential oils contained in rosemary smell great to us, mosquitoes cannot stand it. Burning rosemary incense sticks also work well.

You can now bid goodbye to lathering your skin with harmful chemicals. With this list of easy and natural mosquito repellents you can stay safe and at ease. While these ways work effectively, there is always a chance of a female Anopheles mosquito loaded with the Plasmodium parasite sneaking in an infecting you with malaria.

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