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Best Exercises For Piles

Combat piles naturally with focused exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic area and improve overall well-being. From pelvic floor contractions to soothing yoga poses like bound angle and legs up-the-wall, these exercises provide relief from discomfort and promote pelvic health.

  • 24 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Millions of people worldwide suffer from piles, often known as haemorrhoids. You can prevent and  treat this disease by including focused activities in your regime. The following section will examine various straightforward yet powerful exercises to strengthen the pelvic area, improve blood circulation, and lessen piles symptoms. These exercises may make a big difference in managing piles and improving your general well-being. Regain your comfort and confidence by learning how these exercises for piles can be effective as natural treatment.

  List of best exercises for piles


Learn how to efficiently relieve pain and discomfort by performing the following exercises for piles:

  • Pelvic floor contraction
  • Deep breathing
  • Bound angle pose
  • Legs up-the-wall pose
  • Wind-relieving pose


  1. Pelvic floor contraction


Pelvic floor contractions provide support and relief from pain to manage piles. The muscles that support the pelvic organs are contracted and released during these activities. You can improve bowel and bladder control and alleviate discomfort by strengthening these muscles. To practice, stop the flow of urination to locate the muscles, then contract and hold for a short period before relaxing. Prioritise comfort and consult a healthcare professional for tailored advice on incorporating pelvic floor exercises into your piles management routine.

2. Deep breathing


Deep breathing is among the best exercises for piles. It can help people with piles feel better and enhance their general health. When using deep breathing techniques, the abdomen should fully expand before slowly exhaling via the mouth. This technique eases stress, increases relaxation, and lessens the discomfort frequently linked to piles. Deep breathing can help heal haemorrhoids and prevent them from worsening, by increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery. One can incorporate deep breathing exercises into a daily regimen to support other treatments and make living with piles more bearable and comfortable.  

3. Bound angle pose


The bound angle yoga pose is one of the best exercises for piles and may be helpful for those suffering from the ailment. Take a seated position, keep your knees bent outward and bring your soles together. Grasp your toes with both hands and hold the pose for a minute. The pose may improve blood circulation and ease pelvic strain, but it is essential to use caution. One should perform this pose carefully without putting too much tension on your body. Always seek medical advice before beginning any new workout regimen, especially if you have health issues like piles.

4. Legs up-the-wall pose


This is a calming yoga position. Lay on your back near a wall, extending your legs vertically to form an L shape. It is a mild inversion that helps improve blood flow and relieve lower back and leg tension. By reducing pressure on the pelvic region, this pose may alleviate those suffering from piles. It is simple to perform and only requires a wall, making it suitable for people of all fitness levels. However, before you attempt this yoga pose, speak with a healthcare expert. Enjoy its calming effects and possible discomfort relief.


5. Wind-relieving pose


People with piles may get comfort from the wind-relieving pose. Hold one leg near your chest while lying on your back to perform this yoga pose. This position might gently massage the stomach, aiding digestion and reducing discomfort. Proceed with caution and always seek your doctor’s advice before starting a new fitness regimen, particularly if you have a medical problem. Before adding this straightforward exercise to your schedule, you must prioritise comfort and safety.

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Managing piles becomes more feasible with easy workouts concentrating on pelvic strength, blood flow, and symptom reduction. Pelvic floor exercises, deep breathing, bound angle pose, legs up-the-wall pose, and wind-relieving pose are the best exercises for piles to increase comfort and general well-being. These exercises improve muscular tone, encourage relaxation, and help to preserve pelvic health. To enjoy these health advantages from performing these exercises and finding peace, set aside a brief period each day for them. Exercise has proven to be a successful and all-natural method of easing discomfort brought on by piles.

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