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Critical illness Insurance

9 critical illnesses covered

Cover starts from ₹3 to ₹12 lakhs

About critical illness insurance add-on

Critical illness insurance add-on provides you financial support against life-threatening illnesses such as kidney failure, cancer, heart attack, and critical procedures such as organ transplant. It gives a lump sum payout on being diagnosed with any of the named critical illness for the firt time in your lifetime. You can purchase the critical illness cover with our complete health insurance policy by paying an extra premium. You can use the payout under critical illness coverage for medical or non-medical expenses. It is up to you.

Benefits of critical illness add-on

  • Covers major illnesses

    Our critical illness insurance add-on covers you against nine named critical illness.

  • Tax deduction

    The premium you pay for the critical illness insurance can help you avail tax deduction under section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

  • Income substitute

    The critical illness health insurance add-on payout can not only take care of your medical treatment expenses but also help you with your non medical financial liabilities such as loans, household and personal expenses.

Features of critical illness insurance cover

  • Critical illness add-on covers 9 critical illnesses
  • In case of first time diagnosis of any 9 named critical illness, the sum insured will be paid as a lump sum amount to the insured.
  • Critical illness coverage is applicable only when the diagnosis happens after first 90 days of the policy.

What is covered in critical illness insurance add-on?

What’s covered

  • Cancer of specified severity

    ICICI Lombard’s critical illness insurance add-on covers cancer such as leukemia, lymphoma and sarcoma.

  • Stroke resulting in permanent symptoms

    ICICI Lombard’s critical illness coverage will take care of illnesses such as brain tissue infarction, haemorrhage due to extracranial sources, etc.

  • Open-chest CABG

    Our critical illness add-on covers blocked or narrowed coronary arteries surgery and coronary artery bypass graph.

  • Permanent paralysis of limbs

    If the injury or spinal cord or brain disease results in irreversible loss of the use of two or more limbs, our critical illness cover will take care of the same.

  • First heart attack of specified severity

    First heart attack of specified severity

  • Open heart replacement or replacement of heart valves

    Our critical illness insurance add-on will pay for the open heart valve surgery.

  • Kidney failure requiring regular dialysis

    Our critical illness insurance cover will pay for the end-stage renal disease presenting as chronic irreversible failure of both kidneys.

  • End stage liver disease

    ICICI Lombard critical illness add-on also covers end stage liver disease.

  • Major organ transplant

    Our critical illness add-on will cover transplant of an organ. This can be either lungs, liver, heart, kidneys or pancreas. The transplant must arise due to irreversible failure of the specific organ.

What’s not covered

  • Our critical illness add-on does not cover any critical illness arising out of a pre-existing conditions or illnesses. A mandatory waiting period of 90 days is applicable.
  • Our critical illness cover does not apply to acute coronary syndromes and any type of angina pectoris.
  • Our critical illness insurance add-on does not cover critical illness arising out of or related to birth abnormalities and external congenital disease.
  • Our health insurance critical illness cover is not valid where the transplant is only of islets of Langerhans.
  • Our critical illness insurance cover is not valid on traumatic brain injury and transient ischemic attacks.
  • Critical illness coverage does not cover surgery or treatment for a sex change or any cosmetic or skin rejuvenation treatment.

Who should buy a critical illness insurance add-on?

Critical illness in the family

Are you aware that some of the critical illnesses are inherited? If a member of your family has or is suffering from a severe illness, critical health insurance cover is a must-have.

Sole earning member

Are you the family's lone breadwinner? Is your entire family financially dependent on you? If yes, you must purchase a critical illness cover since you never know when a medical emergency will knock on your door, leaving you in financial distress.

High-pressure jobs

Does your job demand frequent intercity travel? Or does it ask you to stick to your computer screen for long hours? If any of this is the case, consider buying a critical illness cover as people with stressful jobs are more prone to heart disease, lungs disease etc.

How to buy critical illness insurance cover online at ICICI Lombard?

  • Visit

    Visit the health insurance page on the ICICI Lombard website.

  • Share

    Share your basic information such as contact details, proposer's information, pre-existing illness details etc.

  • Customise

    Customise your policy by choosing a critical illness cover in your health insurance.

  • Pay

    Make Make an online payment using our secure payment gateway. payment using our secured payment gateway

  • Policy

    Get an instant ICICI Lombard critical illness cover.

How does critical illness insurance cover work?

Under critical illness health insurance cover, the insurance company pays the lump sum amount to the insured in case of medical diagnosis of a covered illness. The lump-sum payment is equal to or up to the maximum amount of the sum insured chosen.

As the claim amount is transferred in a lump sum to the insured’s bank account, the insured can use it for medical treatment as well as personal and household needs. In simple words, the claim payout from a critical illness insurance cover functions as an income substitute.

What’s covered?

Parameters Critical illness insurance add-on Health insurance plan
Meaning Critical illness insurance provides lump sum pay out irrespective of your medical bill A regular health insurance plan provides extensive medical coverage and pays for actual medical expenses incurred during hospitalisation including pre and post hospitalisation expenses
Coverage This can be claimed only once in your lifetime. On payment of a claim, this optional add-on cannot be renewed on subsequent renewals You can claim multiple times till available sum insured. This product has lifetime renewability
Waiting Period Under our critical illness health insurance cover, the waiting period is 90 days. Under a health insurance plan, apart from accidental claims, all other medical claims have a waiting period of 30 days.

Why should you buy a critical illness cover from ICICI Lombard?

  • Extensive protection

    A critical illness insurance add-on enhances your existing health plan's coverage. It protects you from 9 severe illnesses and procedures that your standard health insurance does not cover.

  • 24×7 assistance

    If you need help during the odd hours of the day, you can just call our toll-free number 18002666. Our executives are always there to assist you during your hard times.

How to file a claim for critical illness cover?

At ICICI Lombard, you can experience easy critical illness insurance claim settlement. Just follow the below instructions.

  • Inform

    Call our 24×7 toll-free number 18002666 to initiate the claim process.

  • Documentation

    Keep your diagnosis report handy while filing a claim.

  • Submit

    Fill the online claim form and upload the relevant documents.

  • Claim settlement

    Post verification, we will settle the claim immediately to your account.

Frequently asked questions

How much critical illness cover do I need?

Considering India's skyrocketing price of medical treatment costs, you should opt for the critical illness policy with the maximum possible cover. While calculating the critical illness cover amount, consider the factors such as inflation, number of dependent family members, debt obligations, and rising medical expenditures.

What are the documents required for critical illness cover?

If you want to buy critical illness insurance, you need to furnish some basic documents such as proofs of your identity, address and age, etc. In some cases, you may need a medical test report.

Can I get critical illness cover after cancer?

You must disclose your complete medical history at the time of purchase. Your proposal acceptance will be subject to medical underwriting guidelines

Do all insurance providers in India cover the same critical illness?

The list of critical illnesses covered under critical illness insurance differs from one insurance provider to another. Therefore, before applying for a critical illness insurance policy, read the policy wording mentioned on the insurer website. At ICICI Lombard, we offer critical illness for 9 diseases, including cancer, open-chest CABG, and end-stage kidney disease.

What are the tax benefits under a critical illness insurance?

The premium you pay towards critical illness insurance is subject to tax deduction under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. In addition, the money you receive as a payout of a critical illness claim settlement is also tax-free.

How to select an ideal critical illness cover?

While choosing the ideal critical illness insurance cover, consider illnesses covered, waiting periods, compare premiums from various insurance providers, and then decide.

What are the factors to keep in mind while opting for critical illness insurance?

Before buying critical illness insurance, you should consider a few important aspects. Some of the important factors to keep in mind are the number of illnesses covered, exclusions in the policy, amount of premiums, survival period, claim settlement ratio of the insurer, and sub limitations, among other things.

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