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Does Cardio Kill Gains

Uncover the truth about the relationship between cardio workouts and muscle gains in this insightful article.

  • 20 Oct 2023
  • 3 min read

When it comes to fitness buffs who have their sights set on building muscle, the idea of making “gains” tends to be a central focus.

Attaining substantial muscle growth necessitates an enduring commitment to the gym or a rigorous fitness regimen, maintaining a well-rounded diet, and giving oneself proper recovery time.

Nonetheless, an issue that commonly arises is whether including cardio exercises in one’s workout routine can impede these gains.

This article will explore the question: does cardio kill gains? We will delve into the connection between cardiovascular workouts and muscle growth while offering insights on how to strike a harmonious balance between the two activities.


The cardio conundrum

“Does cardio reduce muscle?" This query arises from the notion that engaging in excessive cardiovascular exercises may impede muscle growth.

The underlying premise of this concern revolves around the possibility that energy exerted during cardio workouts might potentially divert attention and resources from crucial processes vital for muscle recovery and development.

Moreover, there is a lingering apprehension regarding prolonged sessions of aerobic activities leading to the breakdown of muscles, thereby adversely affecting the diligently achieved progress derived from strength training.


Cardiovascular exercise and muscle growth

The concept that cardio kills muscle gains is a misconception that could deter individuals from reaping the total benefits of a well-rounded health regimen. In reality, when performed effectively, cardio can really complement and supplement your muscle growth efforts while promoting overall fitness.

Let’s look at a few parameters that will establish this stand.

  • Heart health and recovery: One benefit of undertaking moderate cardiovascular exercise is advanced coronary heart fitness and post-exercise healing. This type of workout increases blood flow, improving the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your muscle groups. Therefore, this indirectly helps muscle growth.

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  • Fat loss: Cardio exercises can also aid in maintaining a lean body by burning excess calories and facilitating fat loss. By losing fat, muscles grow to be more defined and distinguished, efficiently showcasing the development you have made. 
  • Endurance and performance: Apart from helping you develop a chiselled physique, cardiovascular health contributes to improved stamina. This could extensively impact your energy level as it permits extra repetitions and sets through exercises over time. Ultimately, this boom in performance may additionally lead to better muscle gains down the road.
  • Hence, the notion of cardiovascular exercise preventing muscle gains is really a false impression.



    When approached thoughtfully, cardiovascular exercise can complement muscle-building efforts and contribute to your overall health. You could strike the right equilibrium by focusing on the intensity and recuperation. The secret is to approach your fitness adventure from a holistic angle, acknowledging that both factors can work in harmony to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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