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GMC Vs. GPA - What Is The Difference?

Explore the world of employee benefits with a focus on GMC and GPA policy full forms. This blog distinguishes between Group Medical Coverage (GMC), providing comprehensive health coverage, and Group Personal Accident (GPA) insurance, offering financial support for accidental injuries or death. Delve into the coverage types, customisation options, and suitability factors to understand how these policies ensure the safety and well-being of employees in different scenarios. Both GMC and GPA play crucial roles in providing peace of mind and security in uncertain times.

  • 22 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

If you’re looking for GMC policy full form or GMC and GPA full form, we’re here to help you in your endeavour.

In today's world, employee health and happiness is important for any organisation’s performance. That is why every organisation wants to ensure employees work in a safe and sound environment. Some of the common employee benefits include fair pay, equal opportunities, maternity and paternity leave, workplace safety, and work-life balance. Apart from these benefits, another critical perk called insurance is also a must, as it provides a safety net for employees. Employee insurance comes in two main types: life insurance and health insurance.

Companies might offer two main plans under health insurance: a GMC policy and a GPA policy. Simply put, the GPA insurance full form is Group Personal Accident insurance, while the GMC insurance full form is Group Medical Coverage.


Difference between a GPA policy and a GMC policy


Now, let us compare Group Medical Coverage (GMC) policies and Group Personal Accident (GPA) insurance:


Points of differentiation

GMC policy

GPA policy


  • Insurance policy that offers healthcare coverage to a group of individuals
  • It covers medical expenses incurred due to illnesses, injuries, and related treatments
  • Insurance policy that provides financial support to a group during accidental injuries, disabilities, or death resulting from accidents
  • It focuses on providing benefits for unforeseen accidents



  • This plan covers hospitalisation, diagnosis, medications, OPD, and maternity expenses
  • Employees, spouses and children receive coverage
  • This plan offers accidental coverage, death and disability
  • Limited to employees only

Coverage type

  • Reimburses exact expenses incurred
  • Up to set sum assured limit
  • Indemnity-based coverage
  • Pays fixed lump sum based on policy terms. e.g., set percentage for partial disability


  • Customisable for employee count, industry and job
  • Limited customisation due to fixed benefits

Suitable for

  • Diverse groups wanting comprehensive health coverage
  • High-risk industries like mining and construction

Scope of coverage             

  • Comprehensive coverage for medical treatments, hospitalisation, surgeries, etc.
  • Focuses on accidental injuries and their consequences


  • Ensures that group members have access to medical treatments
  • Provides financial support in case of accidental injuries

Claim process              

  • Requires submission of medical bills and documentation
  • Requires documentation related to the accident, injury and its consequences


  • Based on factors like group size, demographics and coverage limits
  • Influenced by coverage amount and group characteristics


  • Medical expenses due to self-harm, HIV/AIDS, cosmetic treatments, and other factors
  • Illnesses, non-accident-related injuries

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In conclusion, Group Medical Coverage (GMC) looks after medical bills when someone is unwell or hurt. On the other hand, Group Personal Accident (GPA) steps in when unexpected accidents occur, such as injuries or even accidental death. GMC is like a safety net for healthcare needs, while GPA is a backup for sudden mishaps. Both are essential in keeping employees secure and eliminating worries related to medical expenses, ensuring peace of mind in uncertain times.

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