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Is Jaggery Good For Diabetes?

Diabetes management involves making mindful dietary choices, and jaggery is a popular natural sweetener. In this article, we explore whether jaggery is a suitable option for individuals with diabetes and its potential impact on blood sugar levels.

  • 02 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

It is critical in the management of diabetes to exercise caution when it comes to dietary consumption. Due to its manufacturing process, jaggery, an organic sweetening ingredient generated from either sugarcane or date palm sap using traditional procedures, is widely considered a better alternative to refined sugar. However, a significant issue arises: is jaggery good for diabetes?

This article will thoroughly investigate the influence of jaggery on diabetes and evaluate its suitability for persons suffering from this medical condition.


Can diabetic patients eat jaggery?

When cooking food for diabetics, using natural sweeteners rather than artificial ones is better. However, not all natural sweeteners are suitable for diabetics.

Organic jaggery is considered better than white sugar, as white sugar undergoes extensive processing. Unlike white sugar, organic jaggery is free of chemicals and additives. However, these advantages of jaggery apply only if you consume it in moderation.

While jaggery appears to be a healthier alternative to refined sugar, this does not guarantee that it will not lead to a spike in your blood glucose levels. As a majority of the carbohydrates in jaggery are sugars, it might still induce a blood sugar spike. It’s important to note that 100g of jaggery, for example, has 98.96g of carbs and 383 calories.

The glycaemic index (GI) of jaggery is 84.4. A food with a high GI contains a lot of sugar. It may also cause a significant spike in blood glucose levels.

Diabetes patients should consume food with a low glycaemic index. However, if you must consume jaggery, do so in moderation while taking other measures, such as minimising your consumption of other carbohydrate-rich meals. Limit your jaggery consumption to no more than 1-2 tablespoons per day.

A nutritious and well-balanced diet is the greatest way to reduce blood sugar if you have diabetes since it allows you to manage the illness better.

Instead of jaggery, nutritionists recommend using natural herbs like ginger, basil, and cardamom for taste. Furthermore, diabetics should examine the glycaemic index and glycaemic load before introducing new foods into their diet. Before making any dietary adjustments, consult your doctor to determine which foods are safe.

Although jaggery is a healthier alternative to white sugar, it is not suitable for diabetics. However, in moderation, organic jaggery might fulfil your sugar cravings. When you have diabetes, using unprocessed versions in small amounts is advisable. Natural and organic jaggery is far superior to white sugar and artificial sweeteners for persons who are healthy and do not have diabetes.

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As a result of its high glycemic index, utilizing jaggery in food cooked for diabetics may not be beneficial or safe. The primary goal of consuming a diabetic diet is maintaining blood sugar levels, which may be impossible with jaggery. You may use 1-2 tablespoons of organic jaggery to satiate your sugar cravings, but remember to consult your doctor before doing so. Additionally, it's essential to have regular check-ups and discussions with your healthcare provider to ensure your dietary choices align with your overall health goals, and consider incorporating health insurance coverage for comprehensive care.

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