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Top-Up Insurance Plan for A Separate Family Floater Plan

Discover how top-up insurance can complement your family floater plan for added protection against unexpected medical expenses. Explore the conditions and considerations that may impact your ability to obtain top-up coverage for your family.

  • 12 Mar 2024
  • 2 min read

A Family Floater Plan is the best insurance policy for yourself and your entire family. It is a single insurance policy that includes all family members. This implies you, your wife, and your kids can join a similar insurance policy for a particular amount.


A Health Top-Up Plan is an additional insurance plan we can take in addition to our initial plan. It would act as an additional safety and can be more useful than just having a single insurance policy. It's a good way to ensure your family stays safe and is covered for unexpected medical expenses.


Can I Get Top-Up Insurance for My Family Floater Plan?


In general, you can get a top-up health insurance plan along with your family floater plan; however, some conditions might apply. These conditions are:


  • Existing Policy: Your existing policy can sometimes decide whether you can get a family floater top-up or not. Many policies agree that you should get top-up insurance, while others may not.
  • Age Limit: Insurance companies often have an age limit for getting top-up insurance. However, these limits can vary, so it's best to ask your insurance provider about their specific rules for top-up plans.
  • Deductible: Different top-up plans can also have various conditions, and some could try to incorporate deductibles. You could pay a specific sum before your top-up coverage can kick in.
  • Health Check-up: Your eligibility for the top-up health insurance policy will be determined based on your health check-ups and results, which might depend upon your age and any chronic diseases you have.

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A family floater top-up for a life insurance plan will enhance your family floater insurance. Adding a top-up insurance plan to a different family floater plan can provide additional inclusion when required, offering more financial protection for your family's health expenses.

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