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Transformative Healthcare Initiatives: A Look at Key Achievements

Development and growth in the sector of healthcare by the Government of India till 2017. Much more needs to be done

  • 12 Oct 2017
  • 2 min read

Some major progress made by the 3-year-old government in the sphere of healthcare

The UPA-led Congress Government witnessed their worst defeat in the general elections of 2014 and India got a fresh new start. The NDA government targeted major reformation and development in a number of sectors, including healthcare.

The main focus of the government was on preventive healthcare and long-form immunization drive to minimize or completely eradicate certain preventable diseases like Kala Azar, Tuberculosis, Japanese encephalitis, and measles.

Here are some initiatives by the Modi government that made a difference in the health sector.

Benefits with E-Health

The Digital India campaign of 2015 brought better efficiency in the healthcare sector. With an increase in the knowledge database and simplified concepts, a greater transparency was achieved, removing many malpractices from the industry. Through E-Heath initiative, healthcare became more accessible to people in remote areas who had very limited access to the healthcare facilities.

An eHospital app was launched with an online registration system to minimalise the formalities at hospitals, before a check-up or treatment.

Door to Door Check-up Initiative of 2017

The most recent initiatives include door-to-door screening for chronic diseases like cancer, heart disorders and diabetes. This programme took place on World Cancer Day (4th February) and offered early detection and treatment of the diseases for people between the critical age group of 30 to 69 years.

Making India Open Defecation Free by 2019

Unhygienic conditions lead to diseases. In 2014, the Modi government launched a nationwide campaign to make India open defecation free by 2019. Many known faces from the Hindi film industry, like Vidya Balan and Amitabh Bachchan, took part to preach the campaign effectively to every house in India. More than 80 lakh public toilets were built across the country. Recently, states like Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh and Kerala were declared ODF states.

Swachh Bharat Cess

In the reiteration of Mahatma Gandhi’s dream for a Swachh India, Clean India Initiative or Swachh Bharat Mission was launched in 2015. The government imposed Swachh Bharat Cess on 15th November 2015 on taxable services at the rate of 0.5%. The government raised an amount of ₹3901.76 crore between 2015- 16 that was utilized for different Swachh Bharat initiatives of the government.

National Health Policy 2017

According to the latest healthcare policy, the public health expenditure was increased from 2% to 2.5%. The policy also targets reducing mortality rates of mothers, infants and children due to avoidable diseases. Leprosy is to be eradicated by 2018, while diseases like Kala azar and Lymphatic Filariasis are targeted for elimination by 2017.

The policy also aims to reduce consumption of alcohol and cigarettes by 30%, reduce cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases by 2025 and reach the global target for HIV by 2020.


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The Growth in the Healthcare Sector

Since the formation of the government, there has been a comparable development in the right direction towards better health facilities. But is it enough?
A recent study showed that 40% of people having household sanitation still practice open defaecation. The building of public toilets might have decreased public defaecation, but was not able to cease it completely. Other initiatives are still lying at the planning stage and lagging in efforts. Prime Minister himself said in a speech that more needs to be done in this sector.
More initiatives are yet to be launched and working policies are to be executed all across India. Investment in a health insurance plan at this crucial stage can be very beneficial to you and your family, depending on the plan you opt for. A health insurance will not only provide monetary benefits in events of hospitalization but also give you convalescence benefits, safeguard your finances and cover life-threatening diseases.


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