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Do Indians Need a Visa to Enter Indonesia?

Indians must secure a visa to enter Indonesia. Options include applying in advance through the embassy or agents, or obtaining a 30-day visa upon arrival.

  • 05 Feb 2024
  • 2 min read


Indonesia is not one of the countries where Indian citizens are exempt from needing a visa, so those who intend to visit this country must apply for one before arriving. Applying for a visa for Indians in Indonesia can be done by contacting the embassy or through approved agents. As an alternative, Indian nationals can get a 30-day Indonesian visa upon arrival.

Do Indians Need a Visa to Enter Indonesia?

Since there is no visa-free entrance into Indonesia, obtaining a visa is still a crucial step for Indian tourists considering visiting the country. The process involves obtaining an Indonesian tourist visa for Indian passport holders.
Here are some essential details to keep in mind -

  • Indian people planning to travel to Indonesia usually need to obtain a visa, which means they must make plans on time.
  • Authorised agents or the Indonesian embassy in India are the places where Indian nationals may apply for a tourist visa to Indonesia.
  • Indian nationals may arrange for their visas through authorised sponsors or agencies.
  • Alternatively, Indian nationals can obtain a 30-day tourist visa to Indonesia upon arrival.

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Indian citizens must obtain a visa before visiting Indonesia since the country does not offer visa-free entry. Applying through approved agents or the embassy is necessary. Additionally, a 30-day Indonesian tourist visa for Indians can be obtained upon arrival, allowing travellers to explore Indonesia's attractions.

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