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How Can Indian Citizens Apply For a UAE Tourist Visa?

Indian citizens can apply for a UAE tourist visa online, needing a valid passport, hotel booking, return tickets, and bank statement. Visa costs vary.

  • 06 Feb 2024
  • 2 min read

Are you wondering how Indian citizens can apply for a UAE tourist visa? You will need a UAE e-visa for Indians, for which you can submit an application online.
Since the UAE visa for Indians is in electronic form (e-visa), you'll need to print it out to present it at the immigration office. You can apply for this UAE tourist visa from India at least a month before your trip. Keep reading to learn more.

How Can Indian Citizens Apply For A UAE Tourist Visa?

To apply for a UAE tourist visa, you will need the following:

  • An original passport that's valid for at least 6 months from the expected arrival date to UAE. Besides this, you need an electronic passport to proceed with the application process.
  • The documents necessary for a Dubai tourist visa
  • Scanned coloured copies of the first and last pages of your passport
  • Passport size photograph (white background).
  • Proof of hotel booking.
  • Verified return tickets.
  • Bank statement.

Here, you can get your visa on arrival for up to a 14-day stay. This is possible if the visa or green card is valid for at least 6 months from your arrival date to Dubai.
Other important things to note regarding the UAE tourist visa include the following:

  • The UAE 5-year tourist visa cost for Indians ranges from AED 650 to 1750. It all depends on where you apply. Usually, it takes 48 hours to process the 5-year UAE tourist visa. With it, you can stay in the country for 90 days at a go. However, the visa remains valid for 5 years.
  • Children of any age need visas. So, if you plan to travel with kids, you should present these documents to process your travel: The children's photos, a copy of your passport, and the kids' birth certificate (In English or Arabic).

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Today, applying for a UAE tourist visa from India is easy. WIth all the required documents, the process is a smooth one. It's also important to ensure you are on track, so check through the guidelines and updated rules and regulations from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Doing this helps to avoid any last-minute hurdles. Also, regardless of your destination, always consider investing in a travel insurance policy for your international travels. Such coverage safeguards you from a range of risks, including flight cancellations, medical expenses, lost baggage, trip interruptions, and more.

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