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Important Questions To Ask Your Travel Agent While Travelling Abroad

Ask crucial questions to your travel agent for a smooth trip abroad. From specialized services to hidden fees, ensure a stress-free vacation.

  • 03 Dec 2018
  • 3 min read

Ask the right questions and reduce stress with a reputed travel agency

While the want to retreat from the regular humdrum to a balmy and restful vacation abroad is indeed inviting, you probably realize how tedious planning can be soon after you get down to the thick of things. With the mushrooming of travel agencies, organizing and settling on a vacation have now become relatively less stressful than ever before.

However, make sure that your travel agent is a credible source when it comes to gathering all the right information and has had cordial business relations with its clientele in the past. One way of being sure is obviously looking out for referrals and testimonials on their travel websites. You can proceed with the rest of the process once you’ve endorsed the authenticity of such qualification (with the business licenses and relevant documents).

Here is a list of some of the more common questions to ask your travel agent in order to make the most out of this sojourn:

1. What does your travel agency specialize in?

Some of the more reputed travel companies specialize in booking and reserving a trip to destinations across the world. And if that is what your travel agency is popular for, you can be certain about a travel itinerary that’s worth both the buck and the time.

2. Is there any good time to travel to my preferred destination?

Commonly, destinations can become more expensive depending on the time of the year you are travelling in. For instance, if you are thinking of an exotic week (or more) off to France during February or March, know that’s the time Mardi Gras is celebrated there. Or, holidaying in Germany in September or early October can comparatively cost you more than any other part of the year. This is because the Germans bask in Oktoberfest - one of the bigger folk festivals on the planet – around those dates.

International travel agencies usually have a good idea about such destinations that get dearer over such peak seasons.

3. Have you visited this place before?

It always helps to bank on the guidance of a travel agent who has personally travelled to the destination that you have settled on. This way, chances are you would get more insight into the culture of that place, something that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. With an experienced travel agency backing you, you would have a fair idea of what to expect when you land up in your destination.

4. Have you booked trips to this destination in the past?

With a travel agency who has had prior experience of reserving tickets to the destination of your choice, you can expect things to roll out in a less complicated way. Moreover, should you have any other travel related concern; you can clarify them with the travel company pronto.

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5. Are there any cheaper alternative that can be a part of my booking?

Sometimes, adjusting your travel schedule by as little as a day or two can have a big difference in the total cost of flights and accommodation. Ask your travel agency if there is any particular travel time window that could be a little less expensive and about ongoing promotional offers that could bring down flight and stay expenses. If your itinerary includes specific activities, clarify from the travel agency if there could be cheaper alternatives to those.

6. What activities have been included in my itinerary? What are the other ‘to do’s’ there?

The point of asking this question is that you should ideally know things to carry with yourself, depending on the activities that have been planned by the travel company.

7. What are the travel documents that I should carry on the trip?

Travelling to select destinations may warrant you to carry your visa, which in turn would necessitate documents such as medical certificates, marriage proof, bank statements and the likes. International travel would require you to bring your passport, something you will ideally want to keep handy at all times; should you need reason to identify yourself with the country’s authority at any given point in time.

8. What about reimbursements (if any) and travel insurance?

Amidst all the rush and planning, don’t forget to pop the more important question to your travel agency – one that concerns travel insurance  and other possible refunds. This is significant, considering your flight gets cancelled or any other unavoidable circumstance that puts your trip on the back-burner. Make sure you are abreast of what your travel insurance typically covers; this can range from travel medical insurance, lost belongings/baggage and postponement of travel.

You can compare international travel insurance online before zeroing-in on a travel insurance policy that fits your financial objectives and other considerations well.

9. Is there any other fee that has not been included in the travel plan?

You might have been loyal to a particular travel agency over all these years, there is no denying that. However, no matter how reliable your travel company is, it is always a clever practice to probe into whether there’s any latent fee that you might be charged at a later date while on the trip. There could be places (planned as a part of the tour) that aren’t inclusive to the total cost outlay you’ve been informed.

10. Can you tell me a few emergency numbers that I might need?

This assumes extra relevance if you are a first-timer in the destination you’ve chosen. Ask your travel agent to give you a list of every emergency number that could possibly be useful, should you find yourself in a fix and need local assistance.

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