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What Are The Different Types Of Travel Insurance?

Dive into the world of travel insurance, understanding the diverse coverage options available to ensure a well-informed choice for your travel protection.

  • 17 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Travel insurance is a type of general insurance policy that covers different risks, losses and damages that may occur while travelling. You can obtain travel insurance in case of both domestic and international trips. In this blog, we will talk about the different types of travel insurance.


Types of travel insurance

The different types of travel insurance policies that are available in India are:

  • Single trip insurance policy – A single trip insurance policy is meant for one trip only. It offers coverage the moment you board your flight and ends when you return home. Single-trip policies come with an expiry date somewhere between three to six months of your travel duration. They cover losses incurred due to medical emergencies, lost baggage, theft, and trip cancellation.
  • Multiple trip insurance policy- Multi trip insurance policy covers numerous trips that a person can take within the time frame of one year. The number of trips to be taken depends upon the person and there may be no limit to it. Multi trip travel insurance policies are beneficial for those who undertake several trips for work or tourism. They are cheaper and more convenient when compared to buying several single-trip insurance policies. These policies cover losses incurred due to medical emergencies, lost baggage, theft, and trip cancellation.
  • Group travel insurance plans: Group travel insurance plans cover a group of individuals traveling together. People who have to travel to the same destination at the same time in a group come under this category of insurance plan. They are bought by corporations for employees traveling on business.
  • Educational travel insurance policy: Educational travel insurance policies are student-specific policies. They are intended for students who have to travel abroad for their higher education. As the medical expenses abroad are too high, travel insurance for students comes with a number of features to save them from exorbitant expenses while being alone in a foreign country. It also covers nonmedical expenses such as loss of passport, tuition fee, lost baggage, compassionate visit, bail bonds, etc.

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Travel insurance is a must for those who have to travel abroad in case of tourism, work, education, family visit etc. It comes with its own features and benefits. In this blog, we have discussed the types of travel insurance and the benefits that they provide. The type of travel insurance you should avail will depend on your specific requirements.

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