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What are the Ways to Get an E-Visa to Egypt as an Indian?

Discover the seamless process of obtaining an Egypt e-visa for Indian citizens. Navigate the application, processing times, and travel insurance tips for a secure journey.

  • 05 Feb 2024
  • 2 min read

Egypt has always remained a highly sought-after tourist destination for many Indians, and if you're planning your next trip to Africa, we are here to help. The Egyptian government launched the Egypt Tourist e-Visa in December 2017, enabling individuals from eligible countries, including Indians, to travel to Egypt as tourists. Let us look at how to secure an Egypt e-visa for Indians.

Ways To Get An E-Visa To Egypt As An Indian

Getting Egypt e-visa for Indian passport holders is super easy and straightforward:

  • Fill out the Egypt e-visa application form with your details, then choose the processing time that aligns with your preferences.
  • Visa experts thoroughly review the information you have provided for accuracy before asking you to make the necessary payment. Once confirmed, pay the Egypt e-visa fee using any credit or debit card.
  • Upload the required documents and submit your application.

The processing of Egypt e-visa for Indian citizens or any other citizen can vary.

The Egyptian e-visa mechanism offers three processing alternatives:

1. Standard Processing: Typically taking 12 business days, this option is suitable for travellers with ample time before departure. It follows the regular processing time for e-visa applications.

2. Expedited Processing: This quick processing option is designed for those needing a faster turnaround. The application is prioritised with an expedited approach, making the processing time shorter than the standard option, typically within nine business days.

3. Express Processing: This super rush processing option is the fastest route to obtaining an Egypt e-visa. Tailored for last-minute travel plans or urgent requirements, this option prioritises the application, significantly reducing the processing time to seven business days or even a few hours.

Applying well before your intended travel dates is recommended to accommodate potential processing delays.

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Hence, obtaining an Egypt e-visa for Indians is straightforward, with flexible processing options. However, ensuring the security of your journey goes beyond just acquiring a visa. It involves considering unforeseen circumstances that may disrupt your travel plans. This is where travel insurance comes into play. Travel insurance provides an extra layer of protection by covering aspects such as ill health, accidents, loss of documents and belongings, flight delays and cancellations, etc.

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