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What Is The Cost Of Tourist Visa To Singapore From India?

Navigate the costs of obtaining a Singapore tourist visa from India. Learn about visa processing fees, service charges, and stay updated for a seamless application.

  • 05 Feb 2024
  • 2 min read

Understanding the cost of a tourist visa to Singapore from India is crucial for travel planning. Here we give information about the current costs and fees associated with obtaining a tourist visa to provide clear insights for those considering a visit to Singapore.

Cost of Tourist Visa to Singapore from India

Let us look at the Singapore visit visa cost from India.

  • Applicants must pay a non-refundable visa processing fee of SGD 30 for each application, regardless of the application outcome or if the applicant withdraws the application post-submission.
  • The fee is SGD 90, approximately INR 5,557, for a multiple-entry visa.
  • The Authorised Visa Agents approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Singapore may charge a service fee of Rs. 500 on top of the visa processing fee. All fees, including the processing and service charges, must be paid when submitting the visa application.

Be cautious! These fees are subject to change. We recommend you to regularly check the official website of the Singapore High Commission or the Singapore Consulate in India for the most recent updates on visa fees and application procedures.

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Getting the hang of the details about the Singapore tourist visa cost for Indian citizens is pivotal for travellers planning their journeys. And remember travel insurance when gearing up for the Singapore adventure! It might not be a visa requirement, but having travel insurance is buying yourself peace of mind before the start of a journey.

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