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How to Avoid Common Motorcycle Accidents

We all know that riding a motorcycle is fun. The joy of cruising on an empty road is a feeling only a true biker can understand.

  • 18 Jul 2017
  • min read

Ride by the books and follow your instincts because your life is precious

We all know that riding a motorcycle is fun. The joy of cruising on an empty road is a feeling only a true biker can understand. But, a motorcyclist also faces situations which are adverse and sometimes life-threatening. To be on the safe side, a biker needs to follow the rules by wearing proper gear, as well as following certain codes. Adhering to these can ensure the safety of others around you, as well as take you to your destination unharmed.

When you are riding your favourite motorcycle, you ride like you mean it. You will not be pleased to see a single scratch on it and your loved ones will not be pleased to see a single scratch on you. Be it commuting to work or a bike tour, these following tips can save your life. Moreover, you should buy two wheeler insurance policies online, to secure yourself against any mishaps.

Mind Your Surroundings

Assuming that the roads are spotless, is idealistic but not realistic. There are bumps, ruts, holes and other obstructions that can prove harmful to a rider. Pay attention to all these while riding and also mind the traffic density and the movement of the pedestrians. Keep your eye on the rear-view mirror, to spot incoming vehicles. A speeding vehicle can startle and put you off road, unless you are aware of it.

The Intersections

Being aware of the intersections or turns, is a life saver. Most motorcyclists stumble while going through intersections because of other vehicles and their own inexperience. Whenever you come across any intersection, a sharp turn or a crossroad, keep your eyes on the indicators of other vehicles as well as the tyres. Doing this, will give you an idea of the direction other vehicles are taking.

Maintain Safe Distance

Whenever you go out on the road with your motorcycle, always choose a lane, preferably the left side of the road. Avoid commuting through the middle as other vehicles might be in a hurry. After you choose your lane, keep a safe distance from other vehicles. There can be scenarios where a vehicle overtakes and pulls over right in front of you or again changes its course without any indication. This can put you in real trouble and can be the cause of a nasty crash. So, it is recommended to maintain a safe distance to move by your own accord.

Do Not Rush

Rushing or speeding can take you to your destination before time. Rushing or speeding can also buy you a one way ticket to heaven. So, whenever you head out towards your destination, always adhere to traffic rules and maintain speed discipline. It is especially recommended not to speed while taking a sharp turn. Doing so can make you lose control of your motorcycle and cause a nasty pile up.

Don’t Drink and Drive

India is one of the notable countries, where every year, there are traffic incidents involving ‘drink and drive’. Going out for a revelrous night with friends is a good idea, but taking your motorcycle, while doing so, is not. If you have crossed your drinking limit, then opt for public transport or cabs. Above all, drink responsibly to ride responsibly.

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However, there is also luck involved as trouble does not knock on your door with warnings. Mishaps can happen any time without prior intimation. One should always be prepared if situations go awry.

The most important part of riding, is cladding yourself with proper safety gear, as precaution is better than cure. Wearing a helmet, a padded arm guard and a knee guard brought from a trusted source can come in handy. Also make sure that you buy two wheeler insurance online. Online tools like bike insurance calculator also give you a fair idea about how much the insurance premiums will be, and also aids you in choosing the best policy to fit your needs.

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