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Is Two-Wheeler Insurance Compulsory for Electric Scooters?

E-scooters are an excellent alternative to curb air pollution. While some e-scooters in India do not require registration and insurance, others do.

  • 08 Feb 2021
  • min read

With the global temperature on a steady climb, the last thing the world needs is more pollution. When we deplete fossil fuels, we will eventually have to bank on an alternate power source. Many enterprises have realised this need and, therefore, have started manufacturing EVs (electric vehicles). To contribute to a greener future, the Indian automotive industry is making a gradual shift to electric power.

Although electric vehicles have not been widely accepted by the Indian market yet, they're certainly a part of the future. The government is trying to push it, offering substantial subsidies to customers buying electric scooters or EVs in India.

What is an electric scooter?

An electric scooter is a two-wheeler vehicle like any other motorbike or scooter; the only difference is that an electric scooter does not run on petrol or diesel. Instead, an electric motor and a battery power it. Electric scooters cause zero-emission and zero noise pollution – making this category of two-wheelers the most viable alternative to deal with pollution.

Registration and license: electric scooters in India

Many prominent automobile manufacturers have introduced their electric scooters in India. And most of them do not require the rider to hold a two-wheeler license to ride e-scooters. Moreover, some e-scooters do not even need registration, which is a mandate for conventional motorcycles.

The primary reason behind such exclusion is the amount of power the motors produce. Most of the electric scooters in India come fitted with a 250watt motor and can go up to 25kmph. This relatively timid nature of electric scooters eliminates any possibility of over-speeding and, therefore, makes them less vulnerable to possibly fatal accidents.

This low-power-low-speed is why some of the electric scooters in India don't even need to have insurance. But the high-powered ones have different rules to follow. Keep reading to learn more.

Two-wheeler insurance for electric scooters

When it comes to e-vehicles, Indians have widely accepted the e-rickshaws, but the market for electric two-wheelers and EVs is still small. Despite the monetary benefits from the government, customers are shying away from these vehicles. This may be one reason why the government had not laid out any definitive rule or guideline for electric scooters' insurance (especially for the low-speed ones).

However, there are other electric scooters in India - mighty beasts with high-powered motors that generate huge torque and power. In terms of top speed, these electric scooters are equivalent to their petrol counterparts and can reach up to a rate of 80-90kmph.

You must hold a valid two-wheeler license to ride one of these powerful electric scooters in India. They also require registration and a valid two-wheeler insurance policy.

Types of two-wheeler insurance for electric scooters

If an owner of a two-wheeler vehicle wants to buy a two-wheeler insurance policy, there are two main options to choose from:

Third-party insurance policy for electric scooters: Third-party insurance is a two-wheeler insurance policy covering only the third-party liabilities. In case of an accident where you hurt someone or damage third party property, this policy will cover the expenses – medical expenses in case of an injury caused to a third-party as well as other damages caused to the victim's vehicle or property. This type of insurance policy does not cover damage to your own scooter.

Comprehensive insurance policy for e-bikes or electric scooters: In simpler words, this is a more inclusive two-wheeler insurance policy. A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy provides optimum cover for the insured vehicle against any man-made or natural disaster. Apart from third party liabilities, this insurance policy covers your scooter's repair expenses in case of accidents, theft and malicious damage.

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Why should you get two-wheeler Insurance for an electric scooter?

Apart from complying with the law, there are other reasons why you must buy two-wheeler insurance for electric scooters.

Electric scooters are expensive -

Despite all the government's efforts to promote the purchase and use of electric scooters in India, the demand has not witnessed any upheaval. One strong reason for this shyness is the price of battery-operated scooters in India. These electric scooters cost relatively higher than petrol-driven scooters or motorcycles. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to protect it from any accidental damages. Since these scooters are expensive, the repairing cost can go very high, and a comprehensive insurance policy can be a saviour for you.

Some electric scooters are powerful machines -

We have mentioned earlier that some of the electric scooters don't need registration. Further, you don't even need a valid license to drive one such. This exemption of rule was allowed because these e-scooters produce less power and cannot go beyond 25kmph. Though, on the other hand, that's not the case for modern electric scooters.

In the last few years, automobile manufacturers have introduced many electric scooters in India with powerful engines that can produce high torques. These two-wheelers can accelerate in a blink of an eye and reach a top speed of around 80-90 kmph. And in case of any unfortunate event, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance can shield you from hefty repairing costs.

To conclude

As India's electric scooters' market is still in a nascent stage, the motor insurance premium for such vehicles is affordable. If you want to renew or buy a two-wheeler insurance policy, you can visit our website and take a free quote. ICICI Lombard offers various two-wheeler insurance plans, with benefits such as cashless repair at network garages and hassle-free claims.

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